On World Earth Day, Co-Earth Brings an Eco-Beauty Promise to You and Mother Earth


It is imperative that we confront the veracity – our actions have repercussions on the environment. The stark truth remains that as a species, we cannot absolve ourselves of the blame for the harm inflicted upon the environment. Lamentably, the beauty industry stands culpable for releasing toxins into the environment, perpetuating acts of animal cruelty, and recklessly exploiting natural resources. However, the emergence of environmental consciousness heralds a glimmer of hope for our world. We are no longer idle bystanders; we are making informed decisions and holding the industry accountable for its actions. The industry itself is also awakening to the realization that profit must not come at the expense of our planet. It is our collective responsibility to make conscientious choices that preserve both – our own well-being and the planet Earth.

Beauty products must now be both effective and environmentally conscious. Mr. Samir Kumaar Modi, Founder and Managing Director, Co-Earth (House of Colorbar), launched the brand ‘Co-Earth’ to embody this ethos of living in harmony with nature and cherishing our planet’s resources. The brand offers beauty products that are effective and environmentally conscious, creating a true win-win situation with every purchase.

“The essence of beauty emanates from our actions and how we cultivate our relationship with both ourselves and the environment surrounding us. Presently, the state of the world necessitates us to elevate our efforts and make a profound impact towards revitalising nature. The Co-Earth vision endeavors to construct a future where humanity can coexist seamlessly with nature. All our products are crafted with the utmost reverence for nature and its wildlife. In line with this sentiment, we have partnered with esteemed wildlife organizations in India to embrace rescue operations for endangered species. Each day, we strive to extend our reach and embrace more wildlife species. Through pledging to coexist “For Our Planet,” Colorbar aspires to usher in a remarkable transformation for planet Earth with Co-Earth”. For every product purchased, a percentage of the proceeds are allocated towards safeguarding and conserving imperiled species. Each offering from Co-Earth is a renewed commitment to the protection of our planet.                                                           

Consider these offerings as a big, fat hug for Mother Earth – they’re 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. And while the beauty industry can sometimes be notorious for mere lip service, Co-Earth is walking the talk. The brand has partnered with Wildlife SOS and Wildlife Trust of India to work on large-scale causes related to the protection of elephants, one-horned rhinos, tigers, leopards, and bears.So as you stock your beauty shelf with these offerings that are good for your skin, remember that you’re making a difference for the safety of our planet. 

Roar for the tigers with the Ubtan and Charcoal range: 

Protect the leopards with the Tea Tree and Rice Water range:

Rescue the rhino with Bhringamla, Apple Cider Vinegar & Argan range:

Hug our bears with the Retinol and Almond range: 

Be an Elephant Buddy with Vitamin C, Aloe Vera & Onion range: 

With the introduction of his innovative brand, Mr. Samir Kumaar Modi aims to redefine the fundamental nature of beauty as one that is rooted in our actions. By encouraging us to participate in a virtuous cause that fosters care and benevolence for a better future, Co-Earth invites us to join in its exclusive journey towards a more beautiful and compassionate world.

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