Our Pick Of The Top 10 Natural Deodorants Of The Season


With most of your skincare budget going into serums or creams, underarm care is often ignored. Just spraying on any deodorant can be a harmful habit as regular antiperspirants may not be the best thing for your pits. They work by blocking your body’s natural sweating process to fight odour. They are often laden with aluminium (which can be toxic), parabens, mineral oils or other irritants. Such formulas can make your underarm skin darker and more sensitive over time. But with the advances in skincare science, there may finally be a solution – Natural deodorants.

Free of synthetic sweat blockers, natural formulations work by absorbing underarm wetness. They are often free of harmful additives, neutralize odour-causing bacteria and have a mild fragrance to them. And contrary to popular belief, they are effective, granted you find the product. It’s been a while since we switched to natural deodorants as well, and here are some of our favourites this season.

1. Deyga

Deyga’s compact deodorant line absorbs feels like a rich cream for your underarms! They are available in in vanilla, rose, and jasmine variants. The deo sticks offer the benefits of shea butter and vitamin E oil; they feel smooth on your skin without leaving a sticky feeling behind.

2. Raw Beauty

The prebiotic gel deodorants from Raw Beauty are an excellent option for anyone with sensitive underarms prone to darkening. Including prebiotics in your underarm care routine can help remove dark marks, control inflammation, and stave off allergies as well.

3. Juicy Chemistry

Formulated with organic ingredients, Juicy Chemistry’s impressive range of natural deodorants has something for everyone. Fruity to florals and musk scents, you can find a fragrance that tingles your senses with this one!

4. Forest Essentials

Enriched with Ayurveda’s finest ingredients, Forest Essentials’ refreshing natural deodorants offer a therapeutic experience. They give your skin a cool sensation when first applied and infuse it with lots of hydration.

5. TreeWear

Combining sustainability with quality skincare, TreeWear’s natural deodorant sticks help kill odour-causing bacteria and keep your underarms smelling good. The brand has also undertaken a project of planting a tree with every product sold, so people can give back to the environment by going ‘clean’ with their beauty routines!

6. Plum

Formulated with kaolin clay, green tea oil and ocean-derived minerals, Plum’s deodorizing creams can be used to give your armpits a quick massage. Even though the consistency is creamy, the formula leaves no white cast behind to ruin your cute tops!

7. Vilvah

Available in travel-size tiny tins, Vilvah’s deo shots are a good option for people who are always on the go. The formula gets absorbed quickly, leaving your pits odour-free with floral, fruity or citrusy smells.

8. Shankara Naturals

Shankara Naturals’ roll-on deodorants contain rich and odour-eliminating essential oils. They have a substantial antibacterial property to them. The parfum formulation can be applied to your neck and wrists and double up as a fragrance as well.

9. The Nature Masons

Formulated with cold-pressed oils like guava seed and tamanu seed, The Nature Masons’ natural deodorants are suitable for people who are not big fans of essential oils. The formula is pH balanced, vegan and free of irritation-causing baking soda.

10. Sukin Natural Skincare

If you love the smell of fresh laundry, this one is sure to get you excited. The formula contains aloe vera, burdock, and nettle extracts; and can help keep your underarm skin moisturized and odour-free.

Photos: Instagram

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