ELLEOutfitIdeas: For a Bridgerton Lover

Bridgerton’s much-awaited season 3 has arrived and dear readers, I am elated. Binging the 4 episodes was definitely on my to-do list but I was unaware of the consequences as now my language has transformed into the very way I imagine Lady Whistledown speaks. I am going to be speaking the part for the better half of the next month and I’ve decided I’d like to look the part as well.

So, I went on a hunt for outfits and items that closely resemble the way Bridgerton characters dress and let me tell you these 15 items did not disappoint.

1. Lemon Yellow Embroidered Corset

INR 5290

2. Jhansi Corset

INR 10,490

3. Corset Maxi Dress

INR 40,770

4. Steel Blue Floral Gown

INR 14,445

5. Red Corset

INR 4999

6. Celestial Tennis Bracelet

INR 12,999

7. Crowning Glory Ring

INR 12,999

8. Pink Pearl Embroidered Gloves

INR 1290

9. Jewelled Hair Bow

INR 14,500

10. Serefina Open Choker

INR 19,500

11. Rose Gold Headband

INR 9400

12. Beaded Tiara

INR 6490

13. Cotton Candy Set

INR 24,999

14. Grey Lehenga

INR 1,49,999

15. Cropped Tweed Blazer

INR 3637

- Fashion Writer

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