Pankaj & Nidhi On Their Resort 2021 Collection At FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week


Designer duo Pankaj & Nidhi presented their new wanderlust evoking collection on day 4 of FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week. The power-couple known for their elegant ensembles laden with vivid colours and abstract designs put on a stunning show that left us all dreaming about our next vacations. Inspired by the scenescapes of the Amalfi coast of Italy and featuring delicate fabrics, billowing silhouettes, and cutwork laces and jacquards- the playful luxe holiday mood of the collection enveloped all. We reached out to the designers to find out more, take a look:

ELLE: What was the reason behind choosing the Amalfi coast of Italy as the inspiration for your collection? 
Pankaj & Nidhi (PN): We are really intrigued by the beauty of nature. We chose Amalfi Coast because it has our heart and soul and so does this collection. This collection which we are showcasing at Lakme fashion week X FDCI is inspired by our memories of the beautiful Amalfi coast. We loved its combination of never-ending natural beauty dotted with man-made houses that add a unique character and charm to the landscape.
ELLE: Tell us a little more about the colour palette 
(PN): Chalky pastels tones of Mediterranean hues such as Lilac, Coral and Turquoise. Our association with Logitech highlights these colours through their keyboards and mouses!
ELLE: What would you say is the USP of this collection?
(PN):In today’s time we feel the versitality of a silhouette and its quality is the most important. We have created our new collection keeping these factors in mind. Our creative and innovative instincts helped us create a lifetime of memories for the wearer.
ELLE: Any personal favourites?
(PN): We love all the pieces however, the printed skirt and ruffled shirt is one of our favourites. It can be worn together as a set which will make a statement and you can also wear them individually as well.
ELLE: What are some things you keep in mind while designing resort wear?
(PN):As we said, people have started travelling again. We created this collection keeping in mind a very holiday kind of mood where people don’t want to think too much about an outfit, something that’s easy going and flowy. We designed our holiday collection taking inspiration from a holiday itself. The most important thing about this collection is that it is versatile and trans-seasonal. People have begun to travel again and also social engagements are on the calendars, the unique pieces in this line fulfil the wardrobe needs. Customers are also looking to wear something fresh and effervescent, in keeping with the buoyant mood – and the sensible price points along with immediate availability on digital platforms make this season all the more exciting.
ELLE: How would you say consumers’ buying habits and attitude towards vacation wear has evolved in India?
(PN):Earlier people looked at resort wear as a niche market but now it’s become a trend that’s here to stay. Consumer behaviour is always evolving but we could see everyone loving resort wear as a wardrobe staple. It’s new and exciting for people to shop for something so different. We aim to make people comfortable in a different land/place all together.

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