Paradyes Is Changing The Landscape Of The Indian Hair Colour Industry

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Growing up, many believed in the stereotype that only actors, celebrities and models dyed their hair with quirky colours. For a long time, hair colour was also limited to just covering greys. There’s also the misconception attached that hair colouring should only be performed by professionals, and at-home dye jobs are substandard or unsatisfactory. But as times changed, so did hair-colouring needs. In a world full of stereotypes, breaking barriers is essential. Expressing yourself has never been more critical, and Paradyes is here to do just that. Launched just before the pandemic hit, the brand has made it easy to colour your hair in the comfort of your home. Combining colour with care, Paradyes hopes to revolutionise the landscape of hair colours in India by offering a safe and affordable alternative to bank-breaking salon appointments. A product range populated with dyes that are richly pigmented, deliciously scented and enriched with herbal extracts that provide extra nourishment to your hair. Such unique elements and techniques make it hard for other brands to imitate. 

How Paradyes Is Changing The Scope of Hair Colour and Care

Paradyes is India’s first semi-permanent hair colour brand. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and enriched with Ayurvedic extracts. It comes in a DIY-friendly direct deposit dye kit, available in numerous vibrant shades, a bleach pack and colour care products like shampoo, conditioner and hair butter. Unique hair colours are a form of self-expression for the millennial and Gen Z crowd, and the brand is providing a platform to showcase that. The bold colours and the eye-catching shades are a stunning update for tresses with neutral tones. The brand also offers cost-efficient options, working against the odds to develop economical, natural hair dyes. 

Paradyes hopes to affect change in the hair colouring industry by bringing innovation in ingredients too. Many a times we find that the ingredients in hair-colouring products or hair dyes are among the most reactive chemicals used in the cosmetic industry. Hair-colouring products are divided into oxidative (permanent) dyes and direct (temporary or semi-permanent) dyes. Although there are advantages of using PPD in hair dyes and colours, studies show this ingredient is a common allergen in humans. PPD is an aromatic compound, widely used in almost all hair-colouring formulations because; oxidation of this substance with couplers produces coloured reaction products. And guess what? Paradyes does not include this harmful allergen in their products, making it safer to use effortlessly in the comfort of your home.

Inclusivity In All brackets

Age-Inclusive? Yes. Gender-Inclusive? Yes. Sanskars-Inclusive? No time for that!

Brand communication today needs to go beyond product benefits and uses. Paradyes prides itself on being one of the most conversational brands out there with a strong sense of community-building. Avoiding stereotypes and eradicating biases about hair colour application, the brand is bringing a respectful environment into the hair community that is leading to successful, diverse and inclusive ways to attract great minds to add a pop of colour to their hair. Deeply involved with its audience on Instagram, the brand listens to their suggestions to curates new offerings. Being a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community with a gender-fluid and non-binary brand language, the brand routinely expresses that there is no limit to who should be entitled to a certain colour based only on their gender.

As a young brand that has managed to amass a considerable amount of followers and influence the hair colour culture to actually set trends in motion, Paradyes is changing the narrative around hair colouring. They believe using bold colours is not against our sanskaars and is certainly not a commentary on our Indian morals and values. They wish to free the society from the shackles of these taboos and typecasts, one head at a

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