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Have you been killing it with your eyeliner game recently? Or have a hack that deserves virality? It’s time to get noticed. The Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards are here to appreciate your creativity and talent. Parcos has announced a first of a kind influencer award ceremony. With an aim to shed more light on the beauty heroes, the ones that are the change-makers, the people who strive to make the beauty industry better with their unique, creative beauty content, the Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards were conceptualised.

What Are The Categories In The Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards?

Become a part of the most coveted beauty awards and be the next Parcos Beauty Influencer in your category. The Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards have 23 awards divided into four categories further divided into subcategories:

​​Best in Class, for those who have made an undeniable mark on the beauty landscape

  • Male Influencer of the Year
  • Female Influencer of the Year
  • LGBTQIA+ Influencer of the Year
  • The Parcos Award for the Best Collaborator

Emerging Influence, to honour emerging talents and celebrate the new age of beauty

  • Breakout Influencer of the Year – Male
  • Breakout Influencer of the Year – Female

Platform & Category Influencers, for the best of the best in their platform and categories

  • Exemplary Beauty YouTuber
  • Exemplary Beauty Influencer – Instagram
  • Exemplary Makeup Influencer
  • Exemplary Fragrance Influencer – Male
  • Exemplary Fragrance Influencer – Female
  • Exemplary Skin Care Influencer
  • Exemplary Hair Care Influencer

Excellence in Creativity, for trailblazers and mavens who are revolutionalising beauty and communication through their creativity

  • Most Buzzworthy Content (Non-Branded)
  • Exemplary Social IP
  • Most Innovative Use of Social Tools/Features/Formats
  • Most Distinct Aesthetic
  • Editorial Beauty Voice of the Year – Instagram
  • Environmentally Conscious Voice of the Year
  • Viral Beauty Hacks of the Year
  • Exemplary Beauty Brand created by an Influencer
  • The Global Indian Icon

What Can You Win?

What’s in it for you, if you win at the Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards? Prepare to be blown away. All 23 winners will be featured in the March issue of ELLE in the ‘Parcos Hall of Fame’ – styled and co-conceptualized by Parcos and ELLE. All winners will also receive a year-long paid contract with Parcos, along with a monthly hamper with products. Winners of the ‘Best in class’ category will receive a trip to Europe to Parcos’ partner brand’s HQ. All nominees will receive an Advent Calendar which will include brands like: Versace, Gucci, Shiseido and more. Nominees will also be eligible for a paid partnership with Parcos

Registrations will be open until 5th January 2022 on the Parcos microsite.

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