It’s Time To Vote For Your Favourite Beauty Influencer

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We very well know that you’ve been eyeing the voting process for the long-awaited Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards.

Championing the cause of providing up-and-coming beauty influencers with a reputable platform, these awards yield the potential to transform the professional trajectory of many adept talents. The categories of awards are uniquely crafted with a lot of thought put into them. We’re excited for the Editorial Beauty Voice of the Year – Instagram. 

So, why not support your influencer of choice in this sea of thousands and help them navigate through the digital landscape with accolades? You can vote here.

Now that the voting process has been set into motion, go visit their microsite and vote for your absolute favourites. Not only will this take your favourite influencer to the forefront of bagging the title but also, there’s a little something for you. You get 10% off on*. Yes, you heard that right. Our team’s already put in our votes and we’re set to shop with the discounted offers. Be sure to mark your calendars though, the voting ends on the 20th of March and you don’t want to miss out on the process and the subsequent discounts. 

Heralded by their esteemed set of associate partners including the likes Jimmy Choo Parfums, Shiseido, Carolina Herrera and Chambor. The jury consists of stalwarts from various industries. Spearheaded by experts from fashion, beauty, media and photography, the victors will be chosen by the best of the best.

Let’s have a look at the talented jury:

Dr Harshna Bijlani: Known for having the most skilled hand in the business, Dr Harsha knows how to work her magic on the skin.

Narendra Kumar: Not only a fashion designer but also an ex-editor, Narendra has broken plenty of barriers and built a pathway for many young talents by being the first of many.

Clint Fernandez: Being a brand ambassador for the best international beauty giants would’ve presumably come easy given the ease with which Clint strokes his makeup brush.

Jatin Kampani: Being a two-time winner of the Asian Photography magazine’s Best Photographer of the Year Award, Jatin’s love affair with the lens is no surprising revelation. 

Kamna Malik: A media industry veteran, Kamna Malik is the Content Director & Editor for ELLE India and India Design. 

Anees Muss: The award-winning hair maestro is undoubtedly one of the best in the business.

So, go lock in your votes by visiting their microsite and keep in mind, 20th March is the day when they pull the plug on voting. You don’t want to miss out for sure!

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