9 Showstopping Beauty Trends We Spotted At The A/W Paris Fashion Week This Year

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The industry’s most-awaited fashion month finally closed its curtains with the Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week. While London, New York and Milan had daring runaway beauty looks on display, Paris pulled out the big guns for us! Hair and makeup artists left no stone unturned to seamlessly match the eclectic outfits. We saw a plethora of hair experiments that left us wanting more— pseudo-wet hair, vertical hair bows and slicked-back hair to name a few. Paris Fashion Week never fails to leave us with makeup trends that always cause a splash, so we saw bleached brows making a comeback, celestialcore giving makeup a glitzy makeover and fresh skin proving that it’s here to stay.

Here are a few hair and makeup moments from Paris Fashion Week 2023 that will make it big this year —

Vertical Hair Bows at Balmain

Eclectic hairstyles always make an appearance at Paris Fashion Week and the vertical hair bows at Balmain’s show were a strong proof of that. Created by Sam McKnight, these hair bows are ones to bookmark. Easy to create and suitable all seasons across, this twist to low buns is going to be an interesting trend to look out for.

Grunge Is Back at Chanel

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Trust Chanel to showcase grunge eyes with a hint of grace. With defined eyes adding some drama to an otherwise chiselled makeup look, Chanel’s showcase brought back the 90’s grunge, metallic look. A nod to the hyper mascara on the upper and lower lashes that exaggerate the grunge energy a tad bit. These metallic, smokey eyes paired with nude lips are definitely on our watch-out list for 2023!

Vampy Vibes at Vivienne Westwood

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Staying true to the late Vivienne’s rebellious energy, the collection presented by her husband featured daring makeup with darker hues on lips. An otherwise minimal base ensured that the lips did all of the talking. Here’s hoping that 2023 is about bold, striking lips—something we’re counting on!

Fresh Skin & Vivid Eyes at Victoria Beckham

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The universe of beauty has been riding on a high horse of skinimalism ever since the trend took off and Victoria Beckham had it on display in all of its glory. All of the ‘barely there’ makeup looks showcased fresh skin and were paired with a pop of colour on eyes. The trend offers the best of both worlds and won’t be off trend charts for as long as we can see.

Subtle Silver at Chloé

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Celestialcore dominated recent fashion weeks, and we’re not surprised to see metallic makeup at Chloé’s show. Cat-eyed looks and specks of silver paired with dolphin skin served as the inspiration on how to wear mettalic makeup this year.

Deconstructed Smokey Eyes at Dior

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Smokey eyes are passe, and Paris Fashion Week looks this year are a proof. Peter Phillips was the mastermind behind the deconstructed smokey eye at Dior’s show. Solid patterns around the eyes with nude skin and pink lips made a case for statement eyes.

Sleek, Low Buns at Saint Laurent

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Saint Laurent show was all about the Parisian energy with slicked-back hair that was pulled into a low bun. The sleek look is always a Saint Laurent staple, and a low bun at the nape of the neck adds a certain joie di vivre to the entire hairstyle. Like we said, buns are here to stay, it’s time to give the trend a twist.

Bleached Brows at Off-White

fashion week

Bleached brows were spotted at Off-White with a dash of maximalism. With eyeshadow in exciting hues of yellow, silver and black, the bleached brows surprisingly still took the spotlight. While we are still figuring out a way to make it wearable, it for sure has a place on our mood-board. A special mention to those futuristic hair accessories that made an appearance too!

Blush Draping at Giorgio Armani

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Numerous blush trends can come and go, but here’s a petition to keep blush draping forever. The runway at Armani was big on dramatic blush placement, putting blush draping on the centre stage. Perfect for adding some colourful definition to the face, this blush placement is never leaving the runways.

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