Iconic Pink Paris Hilton Looks That Had Us Rethinking Our Fashion

Paris Hilton Iconic Looks

Paris Hilton is to the 90s what the Kardashian clan is to today’s generation. Iconic in many, many ways. Paris’ fashion, her eccentricities – almost everything she touched spawned a trend. From boardrooms to dinners, Paris Hilton changed the very definition of mainstream fashion. Suddenly, it was okay to carry your pet in your bag as you sashayed down the streets of whatever city you were in. Athleisure? Paris was already doing that back in the 2000s. Paris Hilton is so many things- heiress to the Hilton empire, reality TV star, DJ, entrepreneur and most importantly, a darling of the 2000s paparazzi parade. She turns 41 today. A life bustling with stardom and fame were a given, owing to her family’s monumental successes in the business arena, but the persona she’s independently carved over the past few years has a devoted and enviable fanbase, to say the least.

Image via Pinterest

Indenting the pop culture roadmap came easy after her appearance with on and off friend Nicole Richie on the cult classic show ‘The Simple Life.’ Decades may pass by but the echo of ‘That’s Hot’ is forever ingrained in our nostalgic little memory dump.

Here’s solid proof that she channeled her inner doll on multiple occasions like no one ever has.

1. Miss Americana Forever

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Paris celebrated the California leg of her 21st birthday celebration troupe wearing this sheer pink dress coupled with a tiara. Iconic much? 

2. I Keep It Juicy Juicy

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Often sighted with her posse of influential gal-friends, snaps of Paris in her ‘Juicy Couture’ velour tracksuits still trend, all thanks to style inspo pages on Instagram and Tumblr.

3. My Pup’s An Icon Too

Image Via Getty

Decked up in Moschino from top to bottom, Mrs. Hilton Reum surely does know how to serve up some NYC chic along with her pet doggo in style. Her pets are icons in their own right.

4. Legs For Days

Image via Pinterest

Thick, luscious blonde locks, the holy slide slit supremacy and the unforgettable tiara- that’s Paris’ signature glam for you. This barbie’esque costumery is synonymous with her image and has undoubtedly worked wonders for her brand.

5. Life In Plastic It’s Fantastic

Image via Instagram @parishilton

Paris is a self-proclaimed Barbie stan- so much so, that her new show Paris in Love’s promo shot featured a glammed up Paris, swankily posing in a box that resembled a Barbie packaging. Totes loves it.

6. Neon Raver Barbie Bride

Image via Instagram @parishilton

A day after getting hitched to entrepreneur Carter Reum, Paris wore a pink dress with a heavy serving of tulle and leg along with pink platform boots. Not only am I living for this look, but also, love seeing how blasé she’s become over the years about all the naysayers.

7. Trail Of Your dreams

Image via Instagram @parishilton

This Christian Cowan number with bows and trails and liquid satin is classic Paris Hilton. The fact that she wore this while strutting through a supermarket during grocery shopping in her show ‘Cooking With Paris’ makes it all the more iconic.

Image via Pinterest

However, behind this hyper girly, oblivious and blonde stereotype that’s attached to her name, lies the tricky navigation of separating the real her from the reel her. Traversing this very complex and masterfully curated image has been a huge task, as per the reality TV star. But, she rises anew, keeping all the criticisms at bay and entertains us every single time. Here’s wishing our consistent queen a very Happy Birthday and may she keep finessing through life with her catchphrase ‘That’s Hot.’

- Digital Fashion Writer


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