11 Manicure Designs Everyone Will Be Wearing This Party Season

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It’s that time of the year when we can bring up the topic of manicure designs without being judged for being extra!

The 2021 party season is gearing up to be an intimate one. House parties with your nearest and dearest are on the cards; which means you get to take it easy on the glam. We’re talking pyjama suits, minimal makeup and a stunning manicure that you can show off while clinking for the new year countdown. Whether you are able to get to a nail salon in time or DIYing, these trendy manicure styles will work as fine inspiration for NYE nails. The styles are a mix of the biggest manicure trends we saw this year and a few upcoming ones so that you can take your NYE nails to 2022 without worrying about “being so 2021” with your nail game! Take your pick below…

1. Green Velvet


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Velvet nails – whether crushed or embossed – were THE moment this year. The chic patterns and rich-looking finish looks absolutely stunning. Combine Christmassy details (the green) with soft velvet finish to pair with your party formals.

2. OTT Accents


Accented manicures are a splurge-worthy treat that you can allow yourself for one night. Look for embellishments and diamante that you can wear for the night. Do keep an eye on these dainty deets, you don’t wanna chug them with your fifth glass of champagne for the night.

3. Pressed Florals


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Pressed manicure designs can be created in one of two ways – either have your favourite nail tech work their creativity by hand painting them or grab yourself some stick-on nails. Mix and match floral patterns in colourful combos – we love Blake’s grey, brown and pick flowers with a touch of gold leaf detailing.

4. Skittles Tips


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Skittle nails will never not be cute. But if you are looking to update it, go for colour just on the French tips. Opt for bright and pigmented neons over solid lacquers to match the high spirits of the night.

5.  Repurposed Glitter


For broke girls on NYE, we suggest you repurpose your Christmas manicure. Glittery spreads topped on clean and buffed nails will do for your drinks with the girls.

6. Elevated Marble


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Truly OTT, marble nails will never fail you. Go for elevated versions of aqua, add Kintsungi (gold lining) details to add depth to the design. This manicure style best suits long and oval nails.

7. Noir Nails


If holiday cheer is not your scene, these noir nails will perfectly mirror your mood for the year. It is bold, classy and looks great on shorter nail shapes.

8. Frosty Details


We initially planned to present a snowy manicure to keep up with the winter theme but this one looks a lot more badass. Complement your wintery wardrobe with a cobalt blue frosty manicure.

9. French Tortoise Tip


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A post shared by Lisa Kon (@lisa_kon_)


When it comes to celebrity-approved manicure designs, French tortie tips always bag a win. Hey, if it’s good enough for Kendall, it is good enough for us!

10. Abstract Manicure Designs


If you wish to take the whimsical route, there are a multitude of abstract manicure designs to choose from. The best part of the style is that you can reference some of your favourite things from the year with this – whether it’s a favourite show or a character that your loved – pick a theme that brings a smile to your face and others.

11. Cotton Candy


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Throw it back to warm summer evenings with this one. Pastel shades are always so fun to wear and with the right nail artist, you might just end up with the prettiest mani at your house party!

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