Payal Khandwala On Her Favourite Designer And The City That Inspires Her

Payal Khandwala does not believe in playing by the rules. The designer is known for her unconventional approach towards traditional attires and her risqué colour choices to complement them. Khandwala’s eponymous label is an extension of her personal style, her distinctive choice of fabrics and textures makes her brand one-of-a-kind. Celebrities like Kalki Koechlin and Kriti Sanon are often dressed in her dramatic drapes. In a quick chat with us, Payal revealed the city she seeks inspiration from and the artist she’s currently listening to.

The fashion documentary everyone should watch and why?

PK: Valentino – The Last Emperor. It shines light on the label, the man behind it, his victories, his insecurities, the business, its strategies…It paints the whole picture.

The young/upcoming designer who’s work excites you and why?

PK: I love Delpozo. I’m not sure if Joseph Fontc can be considered young and upcoming. But I love their strong sense of colour, shape and whimsy.

The Instagram account you’re loving right now and why?

PK: Ted the stoner, because he makes me laugh!

One fashion solution you wish you’d invented (or want to invent)?

PK: Blue jeans.

The artist whose work you find most inspiring and why?

PK: Mark Rothko. His abstracts are minimal, quiet but still so dramatic and deeply moving.

The most fashionable destination in the world and why?

PK: Rome because great personal style is on every street corner, and it comes in all sizes and ages.

What’s on your playlist when you’re working?

PK: Pure Heroine by Lorde, Walls by Apparat, Zanaka by Jain

The fashion myth you’re happy to have busted?

PK: This subliminal message that wearing beige, indigo and black is somehow more sophisticated than picking colour.

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