#ELLETech: I Tried The Perfora Electric Toothbrush And Here Are My Thoughts

Perfora Brush FI

Of the many things my parents passed on, and the things I have made my peace with, there’s one aspect that I am not chuffed about. My teeth. I am gap-toothed and of course, have been at the receiving end of a lot of bunny teeth jokes but I have never been to the dentist for cosmetic reasons.  I have started brushing twice a day, mainly because of the alarm that registered on my dentist’s face when I told him I brush only once. I am now a committed two times a day brusher. Now, to further amp up my brushing game, I decided to try an electric toothbrush. And the people at Perfora sent me their electric toothbrush to try. I tried the one in Spicy Coral.

The Brush Hour

Perfora Brush Review

Right off the bat, I have to admit that the colours offered by the brand are refreshing. The spicy coral, ocean blue and avocado green are a departure from the usually white and blue clinical-looking electric brushes available in the market.

If you’re someone like me, brushing time isn’t exactly an engaging experience. More like a routine I must do. But with the Perfora brush (maybe because I was reviewing it) I was paying close attention to how it feels. Once I had put in the battery (the first one comes with the product), it was an easy click and operate. The brush also has a distinct vibration at 30 seconds to remind you to keep cover other areas of your mouth or maybe draw your attention back to the brushing if you’ve been slacking. One click of the button on the brush switches it from vibrate mode to massage mode. This was a lot of fun and I was moving the Perfora around my gums with glee.

The bristles on the Perfora are shorter than your average toothbrush and that took some getting used to. They are charcoal bristles so your teeth are squeaky clean. I put the brush to the ultimate test by eating some popcorn. The popcorn kernels did their thing, strategically sinking into the gaps and settling in with stubbornness. But the Perfora turned up with commitment and with the gentle vibrations of the brush, the popcorns kernels sighed, expressed exasperation and left their post in my teeth. A move I appreciated very much.

A Brush With Personalisation

Perfora Brush Review 1

I like that the Perfora comes with plenty of colour options to pick from. Having a coral toothbrush made my mornings slightly better. My mouth also felt extremely clean and fresh and I was thrilled that it didn’t feel like I had taken the enamel off my tooth. This also caused me to constantly move my tongue over my teeth and I had to make a conscious attempt to stop doing that. The brand can print your name on your toothbrush, a cute move. I had a chat with the people behind Perfora, and Jatan Bawa, one of the founders mentioned that they plan to introduce various bristle sizes and other touches of personalisation which seem really fun.

Teething Troubles

What I didn’t love was that the brush has a battery, which I imagine will run out at some point and knowing me, this brush is going to end up languishing in a corner of my bathroom till I remember to get the battery it needs. It’s not rechargeable. I am also not particularly sold on the short bristles, I feel like they didn’t go deep enough between my teeth.

I also have the probiotic mouth wash that I am still to try but the at this point, I am enjoying the brush.


- Digital Editor


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