Period Sex: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Going With The Flow


The mention of period sex seems to get everyone’s panties in a twist. It doesn’t warrant it but it usually gets dramatic reactions. I used to feel the same about it. But does period sex the dramatic gasps it gets? From conversations I’ve had with my female friends, I’ve discovered that it’s probably one of the biggest sexual taboos. With conversations around menstruation and sexual wellness slowly taking off, it’s time to bust myths around period sex.

First thing first, it’s not all that ‘gross’. Lunette, a period-care brand dedicated to intimate wellness, conducted a survey which revealed that 56% of people have enjoyed having sex on their period. The other half steers clear from it owing to pre-conceived notions of hygiene and perils of misinformation. We spoke to Dr Divya Vora, an obstetrician and gynaecologist to educate us on all things period sex.

Here’s everything you need to know about period sex

Is period sex safe and hygienic?


A myth, mental block, or an assumed discomfort, there are multiple reasons that prevent from engaging in period sex. Dr Divya explains, “Contrary to perceptions and taboos, period blood isn’t a ‘dirty’ liquid like we’ve been led to believe. In fact, it tends to act as a natural lubricant making the whole experience enjoyable.” Menstrual blood contains tissue along with blood and certainly isn’t something to be ashamed of.

However, she stresses the use of protection because otherwise, you’re at risk of being exposed to STIs. Dr Divya advises on being on the lookout for yeast infections since hormonal changes in women can cause them.

Is it possible to get pregnant?

The million-dollar question which plagues most women, it is possible for one to get pregnant even if they have sex on their period. Dr Divya elaborates, “There are different times during your period when you have sex and different stages in your menstrual cycle that impact this.” She educates us that the sperm lives inside the uterus for five days, so if one is ovulating early, there could always be a risk of pregnancy. “However, if you have an accurate cycle without external factors such as PCOS, weight fluctuations or endometriosis impacting you, chances of pregnancy are lower.” Dr Divya reveals.

Is it more enjoyable than regular sex?


A lot of individuals may disagree with me when I say that period sex could be just a tad more enjoyable than regular sex. But hear me out, I come backed with scientific opinions. “While menstruating, due to hormonal changes, the libido (sex drive) is higher than usual. Studies have confirmed this, finally giving you an answer as to why you’re always turned on when you’re on your period,” Dr Divya supports my argument.

On a scale of 1-10, how painful is period sex?

Another notion that needs to be dispelled is the pain associated with period sex. Though period cramps can be painful enough to make us want to curl up in a ball, period sex is actually the opposite. Dr Divya shares, “Most women experience period cramps in their abdomen and lower back, an orgasm is what relieves that pain, even if that’s temporary.”

How does one make this an easy experience?


While in practice, period sex can be all parts messy and intimidating, there are multiple ways to make it easier and comfortable for your partner. Dr Divya advises, “By using towels to take care of the mess created and exploring different positions according to your comfort levels, period sex can be a dream.” She also expresses that there is no ‘right’ way to have sex on your period and communication is the key to get there. “Considering the lack of knowledge and taboos which hold us back, discussing with your partner about what feels comfortable and what you enjoy is a must.”

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