Period Subscription Boxes With Funky Packaging And Pad Choices So Your Period Days Are Less Stressful

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I am not saying I am dangerous as a person, but once a month, I do spend a significant amount of time wondering why murder attracts such serious charges. Then I quickly convulse into a pool to tears because I saw a dog video on Instagram. If you couldn’t tell, this time is usually around when my periods are due. As any woman will tell you, the PMS bit involves intense cognitive and reasoning abilities to be engaged, so I can determine the period date, the panties (nice ones or tattered granny ones) I should wear and whether I should carry a pad or wear a panty liner. So in my list of things that I must think about, I am always thankful for help. Which comes in the form of period subscription boxes.

What Are Period Subscription Boxes?

The name is pretty self explanatory but basically these boxes turn up like angels (you do have to accurately key in the time) before you period and you don’t have to get into a last minute scramble to the chemist. Period subscription boxes take into account your flow, your dates and then send like a care package to your doorstep. There are many types available in India right now. And they come with interesting additions, if you want those. Here are some period subscription boxes from India that we are looking at.

Nua Woman


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This is a brand I personally use and have fallen in love with. Nua’s period subscription boxes offer plenty of options – you can choose when to get it delivered and set this up without worrying, this turns up on time, every month. You also get to choose the number of pads you want according to your flow. I have particularly enjoyed how lightweight the pads are and of course that these don’t leave me with an angry rashes is the biggest plus point.

The Pink Box

The Pink Box is one of those period subscription boxes that will give you the pads, sure but they also throw in a bunch of feel good things. Here, you get to pick the brand you want for your pads- they have Whisper, Stayfree and Bella in the options. They also have scented candles, menstrual tea, sheet masks, the works. With The Pink Box, you won’t have to get out of bed. I like!



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I first heard about this brand when Taapsee Pannu started talking about it. Laiqa’s period subscription boxes are versatile, allowing you to create your own customised pack according to your flow. There are only two sizes to choose from but they do throw in extra panty liners (at least for now). The brand’s pads are biodegradable, so that’s a win.

Lemme Be

Right off the bat, let me mention that I love Lemme Be’s ethos and brand packaging. With Lemme Be’s period subscription boxes, you have a whole range to choose from including your age. They’ve created an entire segment for teenagers. Their essential period kit comes with 3 different packs – for the day, night and pantyliners- but you cannot choose the quantities and combine them into one pack. The brand also promotes menstrual cups quite a bit which I think is great.



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Pinq offers period subscription boxes, sure but it also throws in a lot of other products that are interesting to me. For example, a product that helps women pee while standing up. Anyway, the period box has 12 pad and you can choose from two sizes. The packaging is extremely well designed and great for when you want to carry your pad somewhere or even when you want to dispose of them. It’s pretty cool.


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