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Do you feel like there’s not one product that suits your skin perfectly? You’ve tried the mix and match method, you’ve committed to the trial and error method, but nothing seems to work. The beauty industry might just have the answer for you. Personalised Skincare is all the buzz right now and we can see why. Personalised skincare only makes sense. It takes the guesswork out of your skincare routine. 

Two people with identical skin types on paper may have drastically varying reactions to the same skincare product. While most of us know that you have to work with your skin type, what perhaps doesn’t get enough attention is how every individual’s skin reacts to products supposedly made for their generic skin type. Words like sebum control, oil-free etc get thrown around plenty of products made for oily skin but I am pretty sure plenty of oily-skinned people think these don’t work for them. Of course, a holistic lifestyle, diet, sleep, fitness routine also have to be factored in, but skin specialists designing personalised skincare for you are looking into this.

Personalised skincare as a concept is constantly evolving and expanding. First, we were offered moisturisers made specifically for your skin. Now, there are face washes, night serums, sunscreens, the works.

Some brands ask you a few questions, quizzing you on your skincare woes, following which a list of off-the-shelf products are recommended. Still personalised. Then there are a few brands that really take the phrase ‘the devil’s in the details’ quite seriously. They ask you about your skin, your lifestyle, where you are on your skincare journey, everything. They might even ask for your firstborn. Once they have the answers, they recommend a personalised regimen that is curated specifically keeping YOUR issues in mind. 

Here are 5 brands that are changing the face of personalised skincare in India –

1. SkinKraft

SkinKraft’s approach is fairly thorough, their skincare process is, thankfully, limited to 3 steps, so this is one you can actually do. Their detailed questionnaire asks you about areas of your dace you haven’t thought about before and how you can rectify the mistakes you’re making without really being aware of them (and while you’re ahead).

2. Bare Anatomy

Another 3-step propagator, Bare Anatomy has a subscription model that is a game-changer in this category. This brand knows what you need, and they want to deliver it to you, at your doorstep. All their products have natural ingredients and are organic and let’s be honest, we’re suckers for good packaging.

3. Forest Essentials


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Forest Essentials offers consultation for a fee with some of their finest general aestheticians, of course, by appointment. After a few questions and telephonic consultation, your products are then formulated using ingredients made to nurture your skin type and shipped directly to your doorstep.

4. Kiehl’s

One of the oldest skincare brands in the game, a few years ago, Kiehl’s revealed the brand going back to its roots with apothecary preparations and a customised approach to solving skin-related issues. This service is available in-store where you get a consultation with an expert.

5. Vedix


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Vedix, as the name suggests, is a brand that uses the wonders of Ayurveda to provide consumers with healthy, glowing skin. One basic quiz, and a ton of Ayurvedic information later, your personalised skincare regime is ready. The products are extremely mild and come highly recommended with rave reviews so there’s plenty to love here.

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