The Allure Of Pete Davidson: Decoding Everybody’s Favourite Boyfriend

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has been in the limelight for years now, and he’s made it his sweet little spot. Of course, due credit needs to be given to the actor and comedian’s eight-season run on Saturday Night Live where his infamous skits have always had us in splits. However, we’re talking about his string of relationships with some of Hollywood’s most stunning and talented women. Following his public break up with Kim Kardashian, the comedian was spotted with everyone’s favourite supermodel— Emily Ratajowski.

Allow us to give you a little refresher about Pete Davidson’s dating history. Let’s start with Ariana Grande, the pop star who almost got married to Pete. We haven’t forgotten her infamous tweet about his BDE. Following this, he dated Kate Beckinsale who only had charming things to say about him. Moving on from Kate, he dated Kaia Gerber briefly and then hooked up with the Bridgerton beauty, Phoebe Dynevor leaving us surprised. And when rumours sparked about his courtship with Kim Kardashian, the Internet fully went into a frenzy with divided opinions.

So What Is It About Pete Davidson?

When we talk about the divided opinions of Pete Davidson, we mean that one-half of the Internet can’t stop gushing about his charming demeanour, and the other half can’t stop being perplexed about Pete changes his girlfriends like clothes! If we were to translate Pete’s life depending on what his love interests have to say about him, let’s just say that he is a man written by a woman. Does it make any sense?

I mean, if Dionne Warwick says she wants to date Pete Davidson next, the man has got to be a real treasure. What women yearn for in a man isn’t some well-guarded secret stashed away in Fort Knox. Most single women I know always talk about how they’re just looking for a man who’s wholesome and exudes positivity. A smart, empathic, funny and kind man who just wants to give the world to his partner. Sound like someone we know? Yep, Pete Davidson, according to what the internet has to say about him which is everything good!

Celebrity relationships and romances can never not be in the public eye. And when these relationships end, the situation tends to get a little messy. We’ve all seen our favourite stars succumb to the wrath of a maniacal ex-boyfriend. This brings us to Pete’s ladyloves. In a world overflowing with nasty fights and comments, all of his ex-love interests have nothing but sweet things to say about him. In fact, Kate Beckinsale has been seemingly public about her adoration for Davidson, even months after their breakup when she liked a post that talks about him having a wonderful personality.

Might we say that Pete Davidson is the ultimate golden retriever boyfriend? It’s pretty straight up, a golden retriever boyfriend is a partner who’s supportive, kind and always treats you like an equal. As opposed to the walking red flags or the secretive incels. As it looks on the outside, Pete has been nothing but an ideal partner to all the women he’s ever dated. I mean, not only was he by Kim’s side throughout her ugly fallout with rapper Kanye West, but he also stood up to the latter who didn’t miss a chance to bully him. 

While it all seems too good to be true on the internet, it only makes sense to take some real opinion on Pete’s deal with women. We asked the ELLE India team what they think about Pete Davidson and if they would ever date him. Here’s what they had to say:

Ruman Baig, Junior Digital Editor

“I would totally date Pete because he’s tall and has a dark sense of humour. Also, wait did I say tall? Because that also means BDE. IYKYK!”

Sukriti Shahi, Beauty & Health Editor

“I don’t like him, because if he was so good, at least one relationship would have worked. I mean, show me some commitment, Pete!”

Sakshi Sharma, Digital Writer

“His golden retriever energy is very attractive— he’s like the male version of the manic pixie dream girl. I think, the appeal mainly stems from the fact that he breaks the clean-cut mould of toxic masculinity by being someone who’s supportive of his partner’s independent fulfilment and isn’t insecure about letting her be the main character. Tbh, I would totes date him.”

Isha Mayer, Senior Digital Writer

“For me personally, it’s the sense of humour. Pete Davidson is super funny. And who wouldn’t want to have a guy who’s not just caring and understanding ( I say this because of the gestures he’s made in the past, in his previous relationships ) but also makes you laugh every day? Plus, he’s got unconventional good looks. So it also proves that women go for the type of person you are on the inside, and not outside.

Mansi Shah, Digital Editor

“I think the reason women are drawn to him is that he exudes this boy-needing-saving vibe and like any woman anywhere, they think that they can save him. For these women who seemingly have everything, having a boy who can make you laugh is a rom-com dream come true. But once the glitter comes off and they realise he’s cut out from the same cloth, the entire shindig comes crashing down. So nope, he’s not on my list.”


- Beauty Writer


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