Peter Dundas Tackles Our Questions With Wit And Aplomb

Peter Dundas FI

Peter Dundas launched his clothing label in 2017 and he did it in style. Beyonce performed at the 2017 Grammy Awards wearing his brand. We caught up with him for a tête-à-tête, asking him some interesting questions and he was a fun interviewee.

ELLE: Describe yourself in three words.

Peter Dundas (PD): Passionate. Sensitive. Honest, and also compassionate (I try). Well, that’s four

ELLE: What was your first job?

PD: My first job was as a child actor at the National Theatre in Norway. It lasted for three years!

Peter Dundas

ELLE: What is one of the best things that’s happened to you in recent times?

PD: My son Alexios and my little family in the making!

ELLE: If you weren’t a fashion designer, you’d be…?

PD: I almost became a doctor but was side-tracked last minute by fashion, my first love.

ELLE: If you had only five minutes to get dressed, what would be your go-to look?

PD: Autopilot dressing is for me: Yellow DUNDAS hoodie, black leather trousers and my new Lemonade Off-White X Nike trainers

ELLE: Which is your favourite city in the world, and why?

PD: My adopted hometown of Paris. Been away two years and missing it terribly.

Dundas x REVOLVE NYFW 2021

ELLE: Who are the fashion icons that you look up to?

PD: Carine Roitfeld, Keith Richard, Helmut Berger and Jane Birkin.

ELLE: What inspires you the most?

PD: The human body inspires me the most. Then nature, and then art.

ELLE: Which fashion designers do you absolutely love?

PD: YSL, Alaia, Halston, Geoffrey Beene, Ozzie Clark are always an inspiration.

ELLE: What is a fashion mantra that you live by?

PD: Clothes should give you confidence.

ELLE: Which is your most memorable runway moment?

PD: I have many amazing experiences but my first and last moment were: my first show/exit for Ungaro, and my last exit for Revolve—I went out with my son Alexios.

Peter Dundas

ELLE: Who is your favourite runway model of all times?

PD: Only one?! You will get me in trouble here! Naomi is high up on the list.

ELLE: And another designer that you’re BFFs with?

PD: I am friends and friendly with many but unfortunately there is little time to spend together. Giambattista Valli, Tom Ford, Alber Elbaz who will be missed; Olivier Rousteing, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Riccardo Tisci, Joseph Altuzarra, Neil Barret and many many more.

ELLE: If you could dress one woman, who would she be?

PD: You are again trying to get me into trouble with my ladies! I will say I still have not yet dressed Oprah or Adele.

ELLE: Who was your first celebrity crush?

PD: Madonna. She kept popping up in my naughty teenage dreams.

ELLE: What has been the best fashion advice you have received, and by whom?

PD: Listening to my inner voice was a great lesson that I had to learn by myself.

ELLE: Which is a fashion trend that you love?

PD: I am a frustrated child of the ‘70s… I should have loved to be around then.

ELLE: Which is a fashion trend you wish never comes back?

PD: Minimalism has never been my thing.

ELLE: What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe?

PD: My Fair Isles sweaters that are hand-knitted by my Norwegian grandmother.

Peter and Ciara Met 21

ELLE: What was your first designer splurge?

PD: I spent my rent on a Gaultier jacket when I was a kid living in New York, then I went on to become his designer for 8 years.

ELLE: What’s next for you in your career?

PD: Relocation to Los Angeles. A new page in our life and a new exciting adventure!

ELLE: What’s on your bucket list?

PD: Fjord Cruise to explore my roots where I see the Northern Lights, a trip to India during Holi with my kids, a Christmas trip to Antarctica, an Aiwaska experience, New Greek Islands to discover, Polynesia, Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Glastonbury festival with friends, exploring Utah and the Grand Canyons.


ELLE: What’s the one thing that annoys you the most?

PD: Noisy eaters annoy me endlessly.

ELLE: Which Instagram accounts do you religiously follow?

PD: @GoodNewsMovement, and anything funny or nature. I also love fashion illustrators.

ELLE: Which is your favourite sport?

PD: It is tennis, which I discovered during lockdown

Photographs: Peter Dundas

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