Philips Garment Steamer is the perfect gift to uplift your style game on this World Fashion Day

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Do you know what’s inevitable? Dressing up and going out. Yes, the days have finally come when you have to ditch your pajamas and step out of your house to face the world head-on. Our shunned closets are starting to see the light of the day and many of us are surprised to find the lost treasure that our wardrobes once held. There is a reason why you couldn’t part with those clothes that once made you feel like you can take on the world, right? No matter how creased and crumpled they are, you are going to do everything to restore them to their original glory, so you can carry on with your ‘dress to impress’ vibe all days of the week. 

This might seem easy at first but imagine the added pressure to look your best every day. Our fast lives don’t give us the privilege of using elaborate methods of wardrobe maintenance. As much as we’d love to dry clean, and iron our clothes on the daily basis, we definitely wish we could just swish and flick to get the job done. While we can’t have the Harry Potter magic wand, we’ve got something really close that will breathe life into your favorite clothes effortlessly. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer is just the perfect little companion to simplify your garment care regime and a new staple to add to your wardrobe maintenance game.

Your garment care companion on the go

So many of us are always on the go, and while we may not all be traveling, our busy routine ensures that we adapt to the ever-moving lifestyle. From carrying to-go coffees and lunches, we’re also worried about having a fresh pair of clothes to change for those long days and important occasions. We now have a handy solution to keep our outfits refreshed and this might save you the effort of carrying your wardrobe arsenal everywhere you go. 

Philips garment steamer is a great addition to a traditional steam iron for quickly removing wrinkles and freshening fabrics. It works wonders on clothing made of soft or delicate materials, like flowing skirts or silky blouses, and on suit jackets, or other difficult-to-press items. Its adjustable steam settings and automatic, OptimalTemp Technology technology ensure that you will get a crisp and sharp result without worrying about burning your beloved outfit. This handheld garment steamer is super compact and lightweight, it is a godsend answer to easy de-wrinkling and for a refreshing quick touch-up at home or on the go. As if that’s not enough, it also kills any residual bacteria in your clothes and will get rid of the odour to give you the experience of wearing freshly cleaned clothes. 

Look your best anytime, anywhere

No more compromising on looking your best because of the inconvenience that life throws at us. The (over-used) quote about – ‘Life is not perfect, but your outfit can be’ is actually true. Who doesn’t want to bring their A-game to fashion? Philips Garment Steamer is the ideal gift to give yourself or your loved ones on this World Fashion Day, trust us your wardrobe will be eternally grateful to you for bringing this little companion home. It is a perfect wingman that makes you look great, no matter the occasion. 

When you look good, you also feel good and at the end of the day, anything that makes you feel good is worth the investment. You can shop for the new Philips Handheld Garment Steamer, in your nearest retail stores or buy it online here:

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