Phoenix Palladium Unveiled An Immersive Experience, “Symphonies Of Sky And Earth”


Mumbai’s tryst with petrichor appeals to everyone and consistently ranks as one of the best things about the city. The season sparks romances and has reams dedicated to it. And in a fitting homage, that blends creativity with sustainability is the installation – Symphonies Of Sky And Earth. This was unveiled at Phoenix Palladium X Jacqueline Fernandes in association with Aakar Charitable Trust. This art installation is inspired by the sustainability cause of conserving water through rainwater harvesting. The Aakar Charitable Trust is proactive in constructing check dams in and around catchment areas in villages that help preserve water. The curated installation was unveiled by actress Jacqueline Fernandez to create awareness among consumers about water scarcity and sustainable water management. 

Symphonies Of Sky And Earth

A larger-than-life installation, Symphonies Of Sky And Earth, depicting a dance form figurine, is the story of two close friends, Reva- the rains, and Riya- the rivers. The two larger-than-life sculptures elegantly sway on a rotating base, their flowing movements mirror the gentle rhythm of raindrops falling from the sky. The base of the installation serves a dual purpose, not only providing a stable platform for the sculptures but also incorporating a section that cleverly collects the rainwater. This innovative feature symbolizes the connection between love for nature and sustainable water management.

Sustainability Meets Art

Ms. Amla Ruia, Founder of Aakar Charitable Trust said “Water harvesting is not just a practice; it is a profound philosophy that connects us with the essence of nature’s abundance. At Aakar Charitable Trust, our commitment to water harvesting has been unwavering for the past 23 years. Every drop saved is a step towards a sustainable future, and every effort counts in preserving the ecological balance. So together, we can shape a world where every living being thrives in harmony with nature’s rhythms.” I am elated about my trust‘s association with the newly added Phoenix Palladium’s installation – “Symphonies of Sky And Earth” which is a delightful experience for the shoppers and strongly brings together the initiative of water conservation. We urge all the shoppers to join hands with us for this noble cause.

Celebrity, Jacqueline Fernandez said, “Water is life’s most precious gift, and it is our collective responsibility to cherish and protect it. Joining hands with Phoenix Palladium Mall and Aakar Charitable Trust, we embark on a journey of water conservation, empowering communities, and nurturing our planet’s well-being. Together, let’s create a wave of change, where every drop saved becomes a ripple of hope for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Naturally Resourceful

During the monsoon season in the city, the mall repurposes the water through their rainwater harvesting installation. The mall has erected multiple recharge pits to harvest water, including the drain waters of the canopy. This helps them collect external rainwater each year. The mall utilizes this water for the rest of the year. The rainwater is transferred from the recharge pits to the irrigation tank, of a large capacity, and is used in the cooling tower and flushing system.

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