8 Picturesque Monsoon Getaways In India That Every Nature Enthusiast Will Love

monsoon getaways

Monsoons are great…only till you’re at home and you don’t need to hop, skip and jump to avoid the numerous puddles and potholes, or even better–when you’re away from the city and somewhere immersed in lush greenery and hills embraced by rain-bearing clouds with a hot cup of tea. That’s when you really enjoy the season. Whether you want to enjoy the drive to Lonavala with the fog-laden Western Ghats or head to a treehouse resort and become one with nature, these monsoon getaways will serve you as the ideal escape for you. Bookmark the list ahead.

Monsoon Getaways To Short List

1. The Tamara Coorg

The architecture of The Tamara Coorg draws its inspiration from the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, according to which the universe can only attain perfect balance when God, Man, and Nature live in harmony. Spanning 180 acres and located 3,500 feet above sea level, The Tamara Coorg is surrounded by greenery, plantations of aromatic coffee, cardamom and pepper, beautiful streams, and gushing waterfalls. So anticipate nothing short of harmony and bliss here. Wake up to the picturesque view of the hills and sounds of nature–the monsoon showers, sweet-singing birds and leaves rustling. Sounds like a peaceful monsoon abode, doesn’t it?

monsoon getaways
The Tamara Coorg

2. SaffronStays The Glass House, Panchgani

On the hunt for a relaxed, romantic getaway with your loved one this season? Look no further. With its tall French windows overlooking greenery all around, and charming decor with a contemporary aesthetic, the Glass House in Panchgani is the ideal home for you to get cosy when it’s raining outside. When you’re ready to take a break from your snuggle session, go on a fruit rail, do yoga, get competitive on a table tennis game or just sip on some hot chocolate while enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing–after all, isn’t that what vacations are meant for?

monsoon getaways
SaffronStays- The Glasshouse, Panchgani

3. Ging Tea House, Darjeeling

Tea and monsoon go hand in hand. And what better way to sip on freshly prepared Darjeeling tea derived from the source itself? A tea lover’s paradise, Ging Tea House is one of Darjeeling’s oldest tea plantations. It is said that the house is one of the first colonial tea planter’s bungalows made in the region. Built in 1864, the house has still kept its colonial architecture-cum family style stay intact. Wooden floorings, exposed rafters on the high ceiling, period furniture and drapes define the antique yet warm and welcoming decor here. In the mornings, you can enjoy a cup of tea in the garden with a peaceful view of the Himalayas. And towards the evening, you can warm yourself around the ancient stone fireplace in the library with a glass of wine or whiskey.

monsoon getaways
Ging Tea House, Darjeeling

4. Chandralok Villas, Lonavala

Expect foggy roads, waterfalls and dense forests on your drive to Lonavala’s Chandralok Villas. And once you’re there, continue to feel at ease with its ambiance and vibe. The four villa property is an elegant blend of contemporary architecture with vintage charm. Each villa has four and a half bedrooms that expand into Lilliputian balconies. Sip on some tea made with homegrown lemongrass, mint or tulsi with a gorgeous view of a lush garden. If swimming in the rain is something you fancy, then take a dip in your villa’s private pool. And when you’re done, binge on some delicious Maharashtrian food in the alfresco dining area. Enjoy all this in the company of family, friends and your furry friends (yes, it’s a pet-friendly villa and that’s a bonus for us!)

5. Turiya Villa, Goa

Resurrected and restored, this Portuguese-style casa is a 100-year-old heritage villa in Goa and is the ideal abode for nature lovers. With its sloping Mangalore-tiled roofs, large ornamental windows opening into verandas and the peculiar yellow vegetable dye colour of the compound wall, this villa reeks of quaint Portuguese architecture. Sit and chill on the porch with a hot cup of tea or coffee while gazing at the mango trees and bright bougainvillea plants; relax on the hammock under the chikoo tree; or catch up on reading that long-awaited book in the charming library with an overhead chandelier. There’s a lot to observe and absorb at this peaceful holiday home.

monsoon getaways
Turiya Villa, Goa

6. Tranquil Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

Tucked away within a 126-year-old coffee and spices plantation is Tranquil Resort. And as the name suggests, you are promised nothing but tranquility among laps of nature here. The only sounds you’ll wake up to are the rains and sweet birds chirping. There’s as much serenity here as much as an adventure for nature enthusiasts. Coffee-picking might not be an option during the monsoon but going for a nature trail with breathtaking views certainly is. You can choose from the 10 bio-diverse walking trails spanning the 400-acre plantation with different difficulty levels. And once you’ve come back from your strenuous walk, head to the resort’s spa for a much-deserved Ayurvedic massage which will get you relaxed and rejuvenated.

7. Ri Kynjai – Serenity By The Lake, Shillong

Enjoy the panoramic view of cloud-covered hills, dense forests and the Umiam Lake amidst cool monsoon weather at this lakeside stay. With a name that means ‘Serenity by the Lake,’ Ri-Kynjai is the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of urban city life. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy staying in the resort’s centre of attraction–the Khasi thatched huts, whose design borrows inspiration from that of the Khasi community. Avid adventure seekers can choose to go on a trek to the tourist hotspots, the Lumsohpetbneng and Lumdiengiei peaks that are a few kilometres away from the resort, or opt for the relaxing forest walk to the lake. Treat yourself to Khasi spa treatments and rest your legs after a hectic day out. And later, indulge in local cuisine at the resort’s Sao Aiom restaurant.

monsoon getaways
Ri Kynjai – Serenity By The Lake

8. Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Karjat

Can’t head to Bali or Thailand this year? Don’t worry, you need not go there when Radisson Blu’s Karjat property welcomes you with its elegant Thai and Balinese architecture. What’s more? You get to experience serenity as soon as you get there. Enjoy the calming views of the Sahyadri mountains and Ulhas River, which you get from all rooms here. Sip on some hot toddy by the bar while watching the rain. Indulge in hearty meals including local and international dishes at the resort’s in-house Palm restaurant. You can also head to the nearby attractions such as the Kondana Caves or Kothaligad fort or even go on a hike to fulfill the adventure streak in you. But you can’t leave from here without booking a spa appointment for yourself and relaxing your body with some rejuvenating therapies.

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