Pistachios In Perfumes? Here’s Why Everyone’s Going Nuts About It


If you love your fragrances and enjoy keeping up with trends, you’ll have noticed how a little green nut is enjoying it’s time in the limelight. We’re talking about pistachios!

Now, I love pistachios, they’re easily my most favourite nut. So, when I came across a couple of new fragrances that recently launched with pistachios in their top notes, I was intrigued to say the least. I set out to find out more.

Interestingly, over the last few years, there’s been an increase in the demand for gourmand fragrances – fragrances that smell good enough to eat, so to say, those with ‘edible’ notes like vanilla, chocolate, coconut, caramel, on the sweeter side, and coriander, ginger, olives, etc. on the savoury side. With subtle savoury notes, it seems like the delicious nut isn’t only being favoured for baklava or ice cream anymore. Pistachios have a unique blend of creaminess, nuttiness, saltiness and sweetness all rolled into one, making it extremely popular in the perfumery world at the moment. 

Evoking warmth and sunshine, and memories of travel to the Middle East and languid Mediterranean escapes, pistachio-based perfumes are the perfect scent for the summertime! Other words also being associated with pistachios fragrances are ‘fun’, ‘playful’, ‘carefree’, ‘delicious’, ‘addictive’. And what could be more addictive than a bowlful of salty pistachios, you ask? Well, it’s these fragrances…

Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33 Eau de Parfum Intense

Kayali recently launched the Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33 Eau de Parfum Intense. Mona Kattan, Founder of Kayali, shares the inspiration behind it, “In 2014, I went on a trip to Rome with my sister Alya, and discovered pistachio gelato – I have been obsessed ever since! Just like the dreamy dessert, I wanted to create something that made me feel yummy, happy and irresistible.” And create she did! Mona enlisted the ‘father of gourmands’ French perfumer Olivier Cresp – and his son, Sebastien – to ensure the new EDP embodied the vibe and mouth-watering yumminess of her favourite dessert. The fragrance is a delicious explosion of edible notes including creamy pistachio gelato, voluptuous whipped cream, roasted hazelnut, sweet rum, fluffy marshmallow, and fizzy cotton candy. Spritz this one on and you’re all set to smell good enough to eat!

DS&Durga Pistachio


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What started as a limited-edition fragrance quickly turned into a much-loved perfume by DS&Durga, an NYC-based niche fragrance brand. David Seth Moltz of DS&Durga says, “I think pistachio is an elegant nut. Also, a fun nut. It’s around good climes and everyone seems to dig it. We made this on a whim; a fragrance with no story that just evokes the fun of pistachio (especially as a dessert flavour). It was a Studio Juice (limited edition of 100 bottles) but people went nuts for the concept (pun somewhat intended) and we knew we had to add it to the line.” This unisex aromatic green fragrance has notes of pistachio at the top, heart and base notes, as well as cardamom, roasted almond, vanilla crème and patchouli. Yu-hum!

Sol de Janeiro Sol Cheirosa ’62 Eau de Parfum

If you’re already a fan of Sol de Janeiro’s cult favourite Cheirosa 62 hair & body mist, you’ll love this fragrance which is a sophisticated, concentrated version of the same. Blended with addictive gourmand notes of salted caramel, pistachio, jasmine, and vanilla, this delicious fragrance inspires compliments galore! Launched in 2020, this was reformulated to be made even longer lasting in 2022. We especially love the faceted cap that is said to be inspired by the golden sun in Rio! 

Hermès Un Jardin à Cythère Eau De Toilette

A citrus and woody fragrance, launched just in March this year, Un Jardin à Cythère is for women and men and combines notes of grasses with the strength of olive wood and the tenderness of fresh pistachio. Created by Hermès’ perfumer Christine Nagel, the fragrance aims to present an olfactory quest through Greece that leads to Kythira, an unspoiled island that has inspired many artists. 

Elie Saab Girl of Now Eau de Parfum


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With top notes of roasted pistachio, this fragrance which was launched in 2017 and inspired by Lebanese delights, is a distinctive gourmand floral perfume. It also has addictive notes of almond, pear and orange blossom along with base notes tonka bean, almond milk and patchouli, the brand’s signature scent.

Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Blanc Eau De Toilette

If you’re not a fan of sweeter fragrances, try this refreshing, citrusy pistachio one which is a twist on floral amber perfumes. A unisex fragrance presented in 2018, it features pistachio in its top notes along with bitter orange, neroli, bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper and caraway, along with notes of tuberose and jasmine.

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