All The Cool Characters Are Going Platinum Blonde: These 5 Products To Get That Look

blonde hair colour

To be pretty as a blonde has never been better! Many popular shows are giving us great characters from different walks of life. Some dramatic while some hilarious, but one distinct feature is the talk of the town – platinum blonde hair! With this feature, their character is always set apart from the crowds making them the coolest, strongest and bewitching among the rest. Let’s check out the great characters who are rocking platinum blonde hair like no other!

1. Rhaenyra Targaryen by Emma D’Arcy

blonde hair colour

The titular character Rhaenyra Targaryen from House of the Dragon is seen pulling off the platinum blonde hair-do from one generation to the next. The prequel to the Game of Thrones franchise is buzzing with great reviews and reactions from the online communities and the blonde hair look dawned by The Targaryen and Valereyan household has always shown the features of strength, chaos and madness that strikes the bold look of regal and royalty.

2. Marilyn Monroe by Ana de Armas

blonde hair colour

The upcoming film Blonde is set to hit the OTT screens on September 28 and it has roped us in with its first look and trailers. With the memories of late-legend Marilyn Monroe being portrayed with grace on the silver screen, in the books about Marilyn Monroe, it is said that she had her hair bleached every three weeks with a consult of hairstylists who would tend to her hair to give the alluring blonde look. Definitely a thought to ponder: how beauty can be a curse.

3. Satoru Gojo by Yuichi Nakamura


In the world of anime, there is a slew of popular series going around, but few of them can compare to the hype received by Jujutsu Kaisen. The supernatural-comedy show has gained a massive fanbase despite its recent release and updates on Netflix. The character ‘Satoru Gojo’ the master with the pretty blue eyes has sleek platinum blonde hair that is dawned sophisticatedly and makes the fan base go wild for him.

4. Geralt of Rivia by Henry Cavill

blonde hair colour

The all-time great game The Witcher was adapted into a TV series and what a great decision it was. The character played by Henry Cavill is one of the best witchers out there, Geralt of Rivia stands out from the rest, as he has white hair – and not exactly because of his age. It’s not surprising that not all witchers-to-be survive this process (Trial of The Grasses), but Geralt was a special case. Thanks to his ability to resist this trial, he was subjected to more tests, which ended up turning his skin and hair platinum blonde, but they also gave him even more abilities than other witchers.

It isn’t easy switching things up with your black hair but it’s possible. You must understand the steps on how to prepare for it. If you dont want to be put through the “Trial of the Grasses” to get this sexy platinum blonde hair, we may have just the right tools for you!

How To Get Platinum Blonde Hair Done

1. Always consult your hairdresser: Before bleaching your precious hair, you should get the required inputs from the hairdresser. The hair consultation can help you understand the quality of your hair and also provide you with products that would be difficult to handle or use at home.

2. Going blonde is a multi-step process: You must give your hairdresser/colourist a good idea of what your usual hair routine is like and whether you use a lot of heat-styling tools at home. They will need to know everything to set your hair up for success!

3. Watch out for the ‘Halo Effect’:  One must know that colour banding appears when colour is layered in a full-length application on top of previously coloured hair. The result is hair which may appear to have two different shades, with a visible colour band around the previous hairline.

4. Going platinum is an ultimate commitment: With weekly supplies required to keep your hair healthy, going by my personal experience, I highly recommend you apply protein-rich hair masks and products to help reduce hair damage and split ends.

5. Patience is the key: As an overhyped person myself, the process of bleaching was agonising  as it lasted for two days! With the bleach set in my hair for 6 hours on the first day and I wasn’t able to get the best results, the next day, it took another 4 hours to set. I would suggest, you take a fidget toy or download a movie when you get your hair done because it’s exhausting and boring as hell.

How To Maintain It With The Best Tools

Simply put, it’s a lot of upkeep. Platinum hair requires moisture, as well as three-to-six-week touch-ups. So be sure to visit the nearest hair stylist who you can trust and one with lots of experience. Platinum hair is high-maintenance and requires touch-ups every four to six weeks with a professional hairdresser, to ensure your hair stays healthy and doesn’t get damaged from all the bleaching.

Let’s have a look at 5 products to help you get the instant care you need.

1. Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil


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It is a highly-concentrated, nearly weightless and reparative hair-styling oil which contains the nutrients of fermented Green Tea Oil and nourishes hair with highly concentrated antioxidants. Consisting perks of UV Protection, Heat Protection up to 230°C and detangles, deduces frizz & flyaways.

2. Kerastase Nutritive Masquistence

When you feel that your hair is dry like a broom, you should try this. It’s a rich nourishing treatment mask for fine, dry hair and here’s how to apply it. Apply one or two hazelnuts of Masquintense on dry hair. Carefully massage the hair. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Towel-dry hair. Ta-da!

3. Nashi Argan Sun Mask After Sun

When travelling in humid temperatures, the Mask After Sun formula is used to efficiently tackle the action of atmospheric agents, with a regulating and restructuring intensive action. The product gives hair hydration and nourishment and you are ready for another sunbath.

4. Milk Shake Silver Shampoo

If you have platinum, cool blonde, white or silver hair, you need this product in your possession right away. With the nutrients of milk protein and vitamin-rich blueberries; violet pigment brightens and neutralises unwanted yellow tones on blonde and grey hair and gives it the platinum finish with a shine.

5. Fable & Mane Sahascalp Soothing Serum


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The pre-wash elixir serum consists of Indian natural ingredients like Amla, Bakuchi and Aloe vera. Its repairing ingredients with benefits of Ayurveda  and goodness of vitamin C helps in hair hydration. Also, the serum is itch-free, suitable for coloured hair and vegan.

On a personal note, these products have come to my aid in my journey of bleaching my hair and how they helped me overcome terrible hair episodes from chunks of hair falling to my hair getting stuck like a piece of chewing gum without the latter. These products helped me maintain the shiny, smooth, glossy and alluring platinum blonde hair I had desired and I loved sharing the same with you. Toodles!

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