5 Portrayals Of Male-Female Friendships That Restored Our Belief In Platonic Love


Platonic love, while shown plentifully in same sex friendships, finds little or representation in male-female friendships. That Shahrukh Khan flirtatiously declared that ‘friendship is love’ did not help things at all. In popular culture, you’d be hardpressed to find male female friendships that don’t teeter on the edge of  unrealised romantic or sexual feelings, with most of them ending with a rather unrealistic airport chase sequence. Maybe that’s why it is refreshing to see a pure unadulterated platonic love in a male- female friendship. From having each other’s back to dishing out a dose of tough love when needed, these 5 pop-culture friendships portray the beauty of platonic love, one that’s not waiting for the two characters to fall in love eventually.

Bunny(Kabir) and Aditi

There are a few friendships that survive the test of time and distance, and Kabir aka Bunny and Aditi’s friendship was one of those that did. After being AWOL for 9 years Bunny returns for Aditi’s wedding. It doesn’t take the long to slip back into their old ways. She is supportive of Bunny living his dream life and holds no grudges against him for upping and leaving, and not just physically. 

Their bond on the trip to Manali is clearly indicative of how close they were to each other. From sharing lunches in school to dealing with challenges of adulting, Aditi and Bunny’s bond remained unchanged.

Joey and Phoebe 

Phoebe and Joey’s friendship gave us some of the most wholesome moments in Friends. They were both quirky and fun-loving personalities who perceived the world differently. Phoebe never made fun of Joey’s dumb ways and Joey accepted all Phoebe’s eccentricities and bizarre theories.

Their deep connection was evident in several instances, from Phoebe asking Joey to walk her down the aisle, to getting him a dog when he was heartbroken over Rachel, to Joey proposing to her when he thought she was pregnant so that she doesn’t have to be a single mom. They were the definition of platonic love.

Harry and Hermoine

For Harry, Ron and Hermione were the closest thing he had resembling a family growing up. Hermione was there for Harry emotionally but also the kind to deliver the tough love he needed. Harry’s reckless ways went against Hermione’s persona but she was fiercely protective of him, pushing boundaries and never letting him face-off any dangers alone. 

Harry was just as devoted to Hermione. They had formed an unwavering bond, based on loyalty and love for each other, which stayed consistent throughout the years, no matter how twisted and wild their lives got. 

Alex and Meredith

Alex was everyone’s least favourite person when he and Meredith started their residency but that didn’t stop Meredith from showing him compassion. She was the first person Alex warmed up to in a genuine manner. As the years went on Alex and Meredith’s bond cemented. 

They were one of the few pairs of friends in Grey’s Anatomy that showed no romantic inclination towards each other. They referred to each other as their families on several occasions and when Christina left, Alex became Meredith’s person. 

Carrie and Stanford

From their love for pink cosmos to their statuses as hopeless romantics to their never-ending cynicism, Carrie had more similarities with Stanford than any of her girlfriends. Of course, the scope for this being anything other than platonic is limited here, given Stanford orientation, but this one was the kind that warmed the cockles of the heart. 

When Carrie moved to New York looking for love,Stanford provides Carrie with his steadfast support, expert New Yorker guidance and quippy remarks. They were there for each other throughout their quests to find the one. Stanford always lends a listening ear to Carrie’s problems.

In the show’s one of the most heartwarming scenes, Carrie serves as Stanford’s prom date, when he splits up with his then boyfriend for a brief period. They were then crowned as the King and Queen of the LGBT prom. 

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