7 Restaurants & Hotels That Are Celebrating Bengali Flavours With Poila Baisakh Menus


With its rich tapestry of flavours and traditions, the Bengali New Year, also known as ‘Poila Baisakh,’ marks a time of renewal and festivity. At this time of the year, Bengalis dress up, come together and celebrate with a delectable array of dishes meticulously curated to honour this joyous occasion. From traditional delicacies steeped in heritage to innovative interpretations that capture the essence of modern Bengali gastronomy, the New Year menus offer a feast for both the senses and the soul. If you are a Bengali, then we’re sure you must be excited about all the homemade delicacies. But for those who aren’t in the state and are keen to get a taste of these celebrations, restaurants and hotels have you covered with tasty seafood and fried preparations. Here’s a list of places to head to in your city for Bengali New Year menus.

M Cafe, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield 


Chef Ajanta Burman invites you to indulge in a memorable Bengali feast. Hop onto a culinary voyage of spices and nostalgic dishes. Begin with tele bhajas (fried indulgences) like Begun bhaja, Prawn cutlet, fish fry or alur chop. Head into the mains with iconic dishes such as Basanti pulao, Panch meshali, nostalgic Doi Chicken and the signature Mutton Dak Bunglow. End your meal on a sweet note with decadent treats from the heart of West Bengal such as Gobindo bhog chaler payesh, mishti doi, the iconic baked rosogolla and bhapa sondesh.

Date: Till 15th April

Time: 7 pm onwards

Price: INR 2199++ onwards

Contact: 98739 72639

THE Park New Delhi


You’ll be spoilt for choice with a lavish buffet set up that comprises traditional Bengali delicacies. Take your pick from dishes like Kosha Mangsho, Mangsher Chop, Bhetki Macher Paturi, Murgir Jhol, Aloo Posto, Cholar Dal, Kacha Aamer Sharbat, and many more. What’s more? A live counter of Luchi Ghuni with different types of bhaja as well as a desserts counter with scrumptious confections like Misti Doi, Roshogulla, Payesh, Kheer Kodom and Cham cham.

Date: 15 April 2024

Timing: 12:30 PM onwards

Price: INR 1700++ per person



Kolkata-based chefs Swati & Sarmishtha have come down to the sunny state to showcase the rich tapestry of Bengali culinary heritage via a Bengali Thali Pop-Up. Traditional flavours meet modern fusion creations with dishes like Bhetki Paturi (steamed fish in mustard sauce), alongside beloved sweets like rosogolla and sandesh. The pop-up ensures there’s a lot for vegetarians too with over 15 tantalising options to choose from.


Saturday, 13th April; Dinner: 7 pm onwards

Sunday, 14th April; Brunch: 12-4 pm

Contact: +917400400547, +917400400118

Bengali New Year Menu by Chef Madhumita Pyne, Mumbai


Savour the goodness of a homemade meal. Mumbai-based Bengali home chef Madhumita Pyne, popularly known by her Instagram name The Insomniac Cook, has created a special menu in honour of the Bengali New Year. Enjoy a mix of eternal classics like Chops Chhanar Dalna, Mutton Rezala and unique heritage dishes like Katlar Haro Gouri, Sada Alur Dom, Ilish Polao, from the comfort of your home this weekend.

Date: Till 14th April 

Price: INR 200 to 650

Contact: 9892803506  to pre-order with 1-day notice. 

Hilton Embassy Golf Link Bengaluru


Dig into a home-style cooked meal with your loved ones at Hilton Embassy Golf Link. Indulge in a tantalising chilled Gondhoraj lime sweet ghol or succumb to the enticing aromas of Fish fry with kasundi; dig into innovative yet traditional plates of food such as the Banana leaf wrapped Bhapa Chana, traditional flavours of the delicate Shukto and fragrant Basonti pulao, followed by Bhetki Paturi and Pabda tel jhol. Don’t forget to try the desserts – Rosogolla, Gur Gobindobhog Payesh, and the classic Sandesh await you.

Date: 15th-16th April

Price: INR 1,999++

The Bhawanipur House, Kolkata

Relish your favourite Bengali dishes with a contemporary twist at The Bhawanipur House. Start with prawn cutlets, fish fry and vegetable croquettes; head into the mains with Gondharaj baked fish, scallopini chicken or laal saag risotto, and complete your experience with sweets like creme cheese dome and kesar milk cake. We’re salivating already! 

Availability: Till 15th April

Time: 11 am-10:30 pm

Contact: +91 90514 13136/+91 90514 13138/ +91 98310 57290

RKitchen, Renaissance Ahmedabad Hotel

Get transported to the heart of Bengal as this restaurant invites you with a festive ambience and a warm staff dressed in traditional Bengali attire. RKitchen has organised a spread that takes you on a flavourful journey with dishes like Macher Jhol, Shorshe Ilish, Chingri Malai Curry, Kosha Mangsho, and an assortment of delectable sweets including Roshogolla, Sandesh, and Mishti Doi. And that’s not all. You will have the opportunity to witness live cooking demonstrations where skilled chefs will showcase the techniques and ingredients used in Bengali cuisine. 

When: 15th-24th April

Time: 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Contact: +91 7574847727

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