ELLE Pop Culture Highlights: 7 Major Updates You Need To Know

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We don’t blame you if you re-watched Kim Kardashian’s Saturday Night Live performance on repeat and lost out on other exciting news in the bargain. Even if you did, by now you know we’ve got your back! From new stills from The Crown Season 5 to Selena Gomez and Coldplay releasing a new song together, here are seven major updates you should know about in the pop culture scene.

1. Timothée Chalamet Shares The First Look Of His Upcoming Movie, Wonka

One of Gen-Z’s favourite stars, Timothée Chalamet leaves no stone unturned in making his fans happy. Ahead of his upcoming film, Dune, which releases next week, the actor shared the first look of his next project Wonka on his Instagram. He plays young Willy Wonka and the first few stills got us excited already!

2. Selena Gomez And Coldplay Collaborate On A New Song, Let Somebody Go

Coldplay’s ninth album, Music of the Spheres is here. Along with its release, the British rock band dropped a new lyric video, Let Somebody Go featuring Selena Gomez. The song is a raw, emotional ballad on heartbreak and what it’s like losing a partner. 


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3. Squid Game Is Officially Netflix’s No. 1 Show

Like us, if you binged on Squid Game (out of sheer interest or FOMO), congratulations! You’ve officially contributed to making it the number one show on Netflix, and rightly so. The gripping plot coupled with great performances got us all hooked, giving it a seat at the top of our must-watch list.


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4. Netflix Confirms YOU Season 4

The global streaming platform is doing a fab job at testing our patience (rolls eyes). Only two days before the release of the third season, Netflix announced that YOU is renewed for a fourth instalment. The deadly duo Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) will return in 2022. We’re as excited as you are! But hey, the joke’s on us because we have to wait for it till the next year. We still love you, Netflix.


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5. Elizabeth Debicki Embodies Princess Diana In The Upcoming Season Of The Crown

ICYMI, The Crown’s fifth season is only slated for release in 2022 with an all new cast. Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki is set to play the role of Princess Diana. Recently, fans went crazy when new stills of the show were released with Elizabeth looking identical to Diana. Check out the image below. Can you tell the difference?

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6. Diane Keaton Stars In Justin Bieber’s Latest Music Video, Ghost

Justin Bieber roped in the Oscar-winning star Diane Keaton for the music video of his latest single, Ghost. The video follows a sweet storyline. After the death of his grandfather, the singer reconnects with his grandmother, played by Keaton. JB takes her on walks by the beach, updates her dating profiles and takes her out for drinks and dancing. In need of a good cry? The cathartic song combined with the heartwarming video is the perfect choice for you.


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7. That ‘70s Show Gets A Reboot Titled That ‘90s Show

After more than 20 years of its release, That ’70s Show gets a spin-off called That ’90s Show! With ten episodes, the new series will have Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp reprise their roles as Red and Kitty Forman. They will play grandparents to Leia Forman, who visits Wisconsin in the summer of 1995 and connects with a new generation of Point Place kids. As of now, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunnis haven’t confirmed their presence but as fans of the couple since the day we watched the OG show, we’re totally rooting for them to make it to the reboot! Fingers crossed.

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