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Many of us have spent our days, mostly weekends (duh!), catching up on trending shows, finding joy in escaping into fictional worlds to avoid living in ours for an hour or two, if only. We wallowed as we sat at home in our PJs and top knots while watching our favourite pop characters wearing quintessential beauty looks. ‘I want to wear my makeup…’ my soul yelled at my stash of beauty products.

On the other hand, beauty brands launching new ranges every 15 days didn’t help either. However, what intrigued me were the pop-culture inspired products that I wanted to buy but with no place to go. Now that the world is opening up slowly – fingers crossed – we have got some hope. To share that joy, we have compiled the most fun pop culture-inspired makeup collections that are out there in the beauty world. These products pay tribute to the classic television shows, iconic characters and famous movies that we have been binge-watching.

Pop Culture-Inspired Beauty Products

1. Colourpop Cosmetics x Lizzie Mcguire

Honestly, I would give anything to travel back to the early aughts when the times were simpler and watching reruns of Lizzie Mcguire on TV was the highlight of my day. Colourpop has brought back Lizzie Mcquire through their new collaboration. Colourpop x Lizzie Mcquire collection has products that are exactly the colour scheme you are probably imagining. It is Lizzie’s cartoon counterpart with her bright hues of yellow, pink, purple, and blue. FYI, their gel glitter pots are perfect to create those glam Y2K looks.

2. Kitsch x Bridgerton


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Do you want to feel like one of the Bridgerton ladies but don’t actually want to don a corset and a gown? Kitsch has collaborated with Netflix’s Bridgerton. They have brought Bridgerton inspired satin pillow scrunchies with a lush floral pattern and elegant lavender hues. These large satin scrunchies will keep your hair frizz-free and tangle-free. They are also great to wear to bed to keep the hair out of your face and prevent breakage.

3. Lottie London x My Little Pony


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The Lottie London x My Little Pony collection has everything you need to create a magical makeup look. The eyeshadow palettes are a mix of warm and cool tones like blues, greens, golds and oranges. These palettes offer warm tones if that’s what you’re looking out for. The colourful gel liners are our favourite pick from the collection because who doesn’t love that eye drama.

4 MAC Cosmetics x Stranger Things

MAC cosmetics’ new collaboration with Netflix’s Stranger Things is here and it will blow your mind. This collection is inspired by the 80s, the time in which the show was set. The bright and vibrant lip glosses are great for a preppy look, and The Void Eye palette is perfect for smokey eyes. Since the collection was launched before the show’s release, MAC has added hints on the packaging that is connected to what happens in season 4.

5 Makeup Revolution x The One Where Friends

“Could it BE any better?” I’m sure you read that in Chandler’s voice because this Friends themed makeup collection will make you binge-watch the episodes again. This fun new collection has eyeshadow palettes, sheet masks, setting sprays and beauty sponges to choose from. The Joey eyeshadow palette has beautiful neons channelling Joey’s playful vibe. In contrast, the Ross eyeshadow palette has neutrals that are great for daily wear and they are FINE. Though we want to, we leave it to you to explore each product that’s named after each of the six friends.

6 Makeup Eraser x Disney Villans


Makeup Erasers are sustainable alternatives to makeup wipes and disposable cotton balls. This new Disney villain collaboration which has reusable and washable makeup remover pads is all sorts of nostalgic. It saves you money and the hassle of buying new products every time you run out of makeup remover wipes. The kit includes seven mini makeup erasers, which are double-sided and each with a picture of a Disney villain. Now that’s a fun collab, isn’t it?

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