Wrapped In Luxury & Comfort, Praya Villas In Goa Makes You Feel Like You’re At Home 


Following a smooth 45-minute drive from MOPA, Goa’s new international airport, I find myself sitting in the cabana of my 4-bedroom villa. Sipping on a chilled glass of beer, I am enjoying all that surrounds me–the green expanse of the garden outside the villa, the breathtaking sight of the glistening sea and the sound of the gentle waves. The sun is about to set and the beach is calling out to me. But I held on to the thought of heading there as I had just begun my relaxed getaway at Praya Villas, a luxury beach villa resort in Goa. Once I was done enjoying my drink, I headed downstairs to revel in the beauty of the gorgeous villa I had all to myself.


An Oasis Of Calm

Located on Morjim Beach, just footsteps away from the Olive Ridley turtle nesting site, Praya Villas is a luxurious stay that makes you feel at home. That’s exactly how its founding duo, Mumbai-based couple Neesha and Fritz D’Silva, want to make you feel. Praya (which means ‘the beach’ in Portuguese), draws its design and decor inspiration from nautical elements.


Unparalleled luxury and serenity welcomed me from the moment I arrived. A large wooden door opened into a space inspired by Indo-Portuguese architecture. The generous living-cum-dining room includes custom-made furniture with polished finishes that look weather-worn, antique pieces reminiscent of an art collector’s home, large crystal drop light fixtures, carpets and soft furnishings that evoke colours of the beach.


What’s more? A private pool for you to dip into any time of the day, a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal, a 24×7 butler who will take care of all your needs as well as social and private spaces to unwind, relax and reconnect with life.


The sea view villa which I stayed in came with a good balance of greenery with an expansive garden outside outlined with lush trees as well as a seating area, perfect to enjoy an afternoon tea or a sundowner. “We have taken great care in planning our landscape design to include indigenous varieties of plants that thrive in the beach environment. The lush tropical plants create a sanctuary for different species of birds that visit and some which are resident at Praya,” Neesha shares. Waking up to the sound of sweet chirping birds is something I’ll choose over the blaring honking of cars in the city, any day.


A room on the ground floor is perfect for families travelling with senior citizens. Head up the stairs and find three bedrooms on the first floor. The one on the right is the master bedroom which comes with a sitting area and a balcony that faces the lush garden and lets in ocean breeze. The adjacent room, although smaller comes with a similar view. The highlight is its dressing area, perfect for a girl who loves good lighting while decking herself up. My personal favourite is the room opposite the master bedroom. It’s a cosy cocoon with a small balcony opening into a canopy of trees, unravelling a whole new level of privacy in the already tropical surroundings. And above the first floor is where the cabana with those wondrous panoramic views lies.

Repurposed elements compliment the villa’s elegant design. “All our wooden doors are reclaimed old Burma teak doors sourced from various antique dealers in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The grills are old cast iron lots which we have used for our staircase railings and balconies. There are some beautiful doors with intricate cast iron ventilator details which are used in the facade of the sea view villas,” Neesha tells me.


Beach Calling

It was time for me to catch that sunset. Praya Villas offers direct access to Morjim beach, which is less crowded, much cleaner and lets you enjoy the sound of waves rather than the cacophony of shacks and people that’s otherwise prevalent in most of the beaches of North Goa. You can swim in the waters, stroll on the beach or even better, simply sit and stare at the sea and savour the moment.


Culinary Delights

You can choose to enjoy a lavish meal in the privacy of your villa or head to the property’s seaside restaurant, Baracca where you can enjoy good food with a good view. From Goan, Asian to European cuisines, the menu leaves you spoilt for choice. My picks include the Chilli Garlic Lobsters and Rawa Fried Prawns, which I devoured for dinner, and the traditional Goan preparation Ros Omelette, which I thoroughly enjoyed for breakfast.

Beer isn’t the only way to beat the heat; chaat lovers must try Praya’s vodka and tequila pani puris, the perfect afternoon snack in the hot and humid weather; or head to the bar at Baracca where the mixologists will prepare a refreshing cocktail of your choice.

Relaxation & Recreations

There’s lots to do for outdoor enthusiasts. From cooking demonstrations and feni tasting to nature walks, cycle rides, surfing, yoga and other activities, Praya curates tailor-made experiences for you. As the villas are close to the turtle nesting site, you can head there and try your luck in spotting the hatching of turtle eggs during their nesting months. As Praya is located in the North, you can still take a break from the villas and head out to experience Goa’s thriving nightlife and busy restaurants. 

And once you come back from your Goan adventure, you can indulge in a little spa therapy. The resort’s in-house therapist will come to your villa, create a spa-like atmosphere in your room with peaceful music, and ease every knot in your muscles to give your body that much-needed TLC.

Pledge To Sustainability

Eco-conscious and sustainable practices have always been at Praya’s forefront. Because the villas are made in an eco-sensitive zone which is not only close to the turtle nesting site but also in an area where the topography is dotted with many dunes, the team has maintained the sanctity of the dunes and its natural cover that prevents the erosion of the shoreline. “We have also tried to use local materials as much as possible like the red laterite stone for the construction of the villas and used it in its beautiful exposed form on the villas’  pathways and entrances. During construction, we resorted to rainwater harvesting which would charge the groundwater level and was used to support most of our construction activity,” Neesha adds.


ELLE’s Verdict 

Opulence, comfort, privacy and nature converge to create an exceptional experience at Praya Villas. If I could, I would make it my permanent home; even working from here is more enjoyable. But it was time to get back to reality. I left feeling refreshed, with cherished memories, and of course, a bag full of cashews and Goan masalas as mementoes. 

- Lifestyle Editor


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