Pre Loved Indian Bridal Wear Options To Check Out This Wedding Season


One out of four weddings that take place in the world happen in India. Our obsession with the big fat Indian wedding is one of the primary reasons why us Indians find ourselves in massive debt, courtesy our hesitancy to compromise on nothing involving the wedding. The micro-dosing by Bollywood into wanting a Manish or a Sabya or a Tarun is also the reason why a whopping 3.75 lakh crores was spent on weddings in the last two months of 2022.


But raining on one’s parade is not the way forward, so let’s introduce you to a relatively newer shopping pattern that encourages wearing pre-loved clothing so as to avoid the huge dent it might otherwise create. No compromise on the catering, venue or the decor. You wear your dream designer and keep your finances in check, well, at least a little bit. Online marketplaces like Revivify and Saritoria have addressed this gap in the Indian bridal sphere and if in case you intend to make this shift, keep reading for a download of these sites:



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Revivify is a platform that specialises in authenticating designer clothes for premium resale and refurbishment. With decades of experience in couture, ready-to-wear, jewellery, and accessories and given Aashni’s commitment to democratise Indian bridal wear, the marketplace houses some of the most prestigious fashion brands in the business. It was born in 2022 out of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus to enable the slow fashion movement by extending the life of one’s purchases by changing or giving them a new home. One to check out!


Luxepolis, which was established in late 2014, is now acknowledged as a game-changer in the Indian luxury market and is greatly influencing the direction of the country’s upmarket lifestyle products sector. Catering to a lot of clients with deep pockets, not only do you find your go-to Sabyas and the likes on the platform but also a plethora of global luxury brands, including Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Michael Kors, and Rolex. Something for ever so lost grooms whilst shopping in the Indian bridal landscape, finally.



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The founders embraced the pre-loved revolution in 2020 when they introduced Saritoria. Their goal was to celebrate South Asian heritage, culture, and handicrafts while enabling people all around the world to participate in the global circular economy. All of this while being a part of a conscientious society that upholds sustainability by repurposing stylish desi fashion items. Upon becoming a member of their community, you can gain easy access to the largest pool of South Asian designers, take advantage of incredible discounts, and find exquisite clothing.

Loved Lehenga

Loved Lehenga was established to bring together buyers and sellers of pre-owned south-asian fashion. The founders’ primary goal in starting Loved Lehenga was to enable customers to sell clothes they no longer need in order to recover a portion of their initial investment. The marketplace operates globally, so sellers are guaranteed to find a buyer. It’s a fantastic opportunity for buyers to obtain nearly brand-new clothing in excellent shape for a small portion of the original retail cost.

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