ELLE Carnival Partner: Ikonic Professional, Proarte And Cadiveu Bring The Best Of Beauty

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Gather around! It’s time to indulge in the best of fashion, beauty and all things fabulous. ELLE Carnival 2023 is here. This is a two-day extravaganza in association with the Phoenix Palladium on March 18 and 19, 2023. Mark your calendars and get ready to fill your day with great company, music, fashion, beauty, and food. Luxury brands and designer labels, it’s all here. Stock up on your beauty vanity, refresh your wardrobe. See you there.

SIZZ International Pvt. Ltd., a leading professional grooming product manufacturer and distributor, caters to both salon professionals and beauty product consumers throughout India and across the global market and will be at ELLE Carnival 2023.  Over the years, the Mumbai-based company has built popular brands like Ikonic Professional, Biosoft, and Proarte. It is also an exclusive distributor of international brands like Cadiveu and Brazil Cacau in India. Take a look at these from SSIZ International to expect at the ELLE Carnival 2023.

1. Ikonic Professional

Ikonic professional offers distinctively inventive hair products made of high-quality materials with a focus on the future. They design tools that assist proficient professionals in creating the desired looks by amplifying their creativity. Every Ikonic professional tool is made to be easy to use and cater to all levels of professionals. Their team of professional experts offers their advice and guidance in the making of every tool—from ceramic to carbon, they have it all, with the best global technology available. Of special mention is their famous 3-in-1 styler, Blaze dryer, and No Knot Brush. Their customers consider them favorites due to their exceptional quality, performance, and durability. The 3-in-1 Styler offers the latest technology in hairstyling tools, providing an unparalleled experience! With its straightforward, captivating, and distinctive approach, Ikonic professional has become the preferred option for industry experts worldwide.

2. Proarte

With a vision to provide professionals and makeup enthusiasts with quality tools that are innovative and affordable, Proarte’s goal is to enhance your creativity. The brand, originally conceptualized for makeup artists and industry professionals, is now foraying into a wider audience, for anyone who loves makeup as well! A range of professional makeup tools, crafted for precision with the best of materials, includes everything the beauty-obsessed needs to push boundaries and create masterpieces. Proarte’s most sought-after pieces include their variety of brush sets made with the best quality fibers. Also loved by their clientele are tools and accessories like makeup sponges, vanity cases, and chairs that aid every beauty professional or makeup lover.

3. Cadiveu

With a range of innovative and top-quality hair products, the Brazilian sensation that is Cadiveu is finally here. Cadiveu Professional uses natural ingredients and innovative green technologies so that you can get the fabulous mane you have always wanted. Whether you have fine, short hair, long, frizzy curls, or anything in between, Cadiveu Professional has the right product for you. They’re eco-friendly, contributing to waste reduction, and producing 100 percent recyclable packaging—they care for you and the environment! Products are never tested on animals.

A special shoutout to their much-loved Cadiveu Hair Remedy set, the ideal damaged hair treatment, with visible results after the first use!


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