Yet Another Harlem Renaissance Beckons, And The Fashion World Is Here For It


Taylor Swift was describing a popular fashion trend when she sang the lines, “But I’d come back stronger than a ‘90s trend.” You can almost always assume that whatever new hip item you’re seeing on your Instagram feed is actually a trend that has crawled out from the grave of years gone by. Trends always seem to make a spin around the block. But even amongst those trends, there are some styles that truly never go out of style. If you’ve ever found yourself humming the tune from the famous jazz song, What a Wonderful World, you have the Harlem Renaissance to thank. The birthplace of jazz–Harlem City in New York–has a rich culture that seems to be making a comeback. And who could serve it better than celebrity pair Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli.


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The couple has featured in the capsule collection Puma x Dapper Dan, inspired by the Harlem culture of New York. Themed around the idea of a post-game afterparty, this collection beautifully blends sophistication and sportswear, while continuing Dapper Dan’s historic tradition of reinventing streetwear.


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Being the Indian Cricket Team’s captain, Virat Kohli knows that how he presents himself is how he actually represents India to the world. It is no surprise that the famous batsman has chosen this special collection to feature in, considering his sense of fashion. His better half, a successful Bollywood actor and producer, Anushka Sharma looks effortlessly stunning in her coordinated jacket and track pants. Her laid-back style adds that little spark to the clothes she’s sporting. The Harlem Renaissance was all about breaking the mould and creating new trends. It is no wonder that a couple that is always breaking stereotypes is at the forefront of this collection.

American fashion designer Dapper Dan is changing the way fashion works in the time of fast-paced trends that fizzle out sooner than they arrive. Hailing from the city of Harlem, this designer has turned the tide in favour of African-American style. The collection features monochromatic blue tracksuits with a bright red stripe on both sides and a coord set with a subtle all-over-print from Dapper Dan. A purple-collared sleeveless vest with light blue stripes on the collar also matches well with the overall vibe of the collection. The logomania trend, that has taken over the internet right now, actually came into being during the time that Dapper Dan got inspired by the logos of Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Gucci and became a trend in the golden age of hip-hop.

Style enthusiast Chirag Khanna is a sight for sore eyes in his co-ord sets from Puma’s Dapper Dan collection. Fashion connoisseurs can take a leaf out of his style book and experiment by swapping the jacket with a T-shirt. An outfit that is perfect for both your next concert or your BFF’s house party, this collection is sure to make heads turn.

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