P.V. Sindhu: The Inspiring Trailblazer Elevating Indian Sports To New Heights

When I was in the 7th grade, our General Knowledge book was a treasure trove of global wisdom, spanning movies, art, politics, and the economy. Yet, despite its fascinating contents, it often felt like a chore for us students cramming for exams.

One section, however, stood out: sports. Amidst the sea of male achievements, one name imprinted itself on my young mind: P.V. Sindhu, the first Indian woman to win two Olympic medals. She wasn’t just an answer for a test; she was the first sportswoman I truly admired. Her name has stayed with me, from childhood to adulthood, not because of exams, but because of the sheer respect I have for her.


In that slim 20-page sports section, largely dominated by men’s achievements, Sindhu’s story shone brightly. Known as one of India’s most successful sportspersons, she has been honoured with the Padma Shri in 2015, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2016 (later renamed the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award), and the Padma Bhushan in 2020.

Her sporting legacy is perhaps destined, given her parents’ backgrounds in sports. At just 14, Sindhu embarked on her badminton career, clinching a bronze at the 2009 Sub-Junior Asian Badminton Championships in Colombo. She quickly became a beacon of motivation for young girls across India.


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P.V. Sindhu swiftly captured the nation’s heart with her first gold medal at the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games, marking the beginning of a stellar journey.

From triumphs at the BWF World Championships in Copenhagen and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to victories at the Asian Games in Incheon and the Asian Championships in Gimcheon, 2014 was a year of unforgettable success for both her and the country.

In 2016, Sindhu astonished the nation with a silver medal in women’s singles at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Her remarkable achievements continue with gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the 2019 World Championships as well as the 2022 Commonwealth Games showcasing an ever-growing legacy of excellence.


In a country where a career in sports often takes a backseat to more traditional professions, Sindhu’s journey is nothing short of revolutionary. She has become a torchbearer, paving the way for countless aspiring athletes.

Sindhu’s career, marked by resilience through ups and downs, underscores that sports demand more than just physical prowess—it’s a testament to passion, dedication, and discipline.

Today, we celebrate not just another athlete, but a woman whose brilliance continues to inspire and bring glory to the nation. It’s women like P.V. Sindhu who make sports a vibrant, compelling, and aspirational arena for the next generation of girls dreaming of their place in the spotlight.

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