Quiet Luxury Has Trickled Down To Our Manicures And We’re Not Complaining

Quiet luxury

If there’s any trend apart from Barbiecore which has blown the Internet away, it’s quiet luxury. According to data from Google Trends earlier this year, the searches for ‘quiet luxury’ increased by 614% last year. Thanks to HBO’s largely successful satirical drama series SuccessionΒ and Sofia Richie-Grainge’s lavish wedding, quiet luxury took centre stage. Whilst to most this trend transpires in the form of understated fashion, this trend has spilt over to the beauty industry too.

While quiet luxury or stealth wealth does stand for generational wealth, insurmountable capitalism and unnecessary social hierarchy, it’s intriguing to see it translate into a beauty trend. The infamous clean girl makeup could be the makeup version of quiet luxury. Of course, this aesthetic has found its way to manicures. When we talk about quiet luxury manicures we mean neutral tones, clean French nails, soft glaze and even milky nails.

So let your maximalist ideas take the backseat and embrace the minimalist with this quiet luxury mood-board.

Sofia Bridal Mani


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Sofia Richie-Grainge got married in what was the most elegant wedding of the year. With milky yet sheer nails that allowed her natural nail colour to peek through, she set the tone for classy bridal manicures and how.

Nothing Like A Glaze


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Hailey Bieber and her manicurist Zola singlehandedly made the glazed donut manicure the IT trend of 2022. This one is right up the alley of quiet luxury all thanks to its shiny finish and subdued base. It’s the ultimate rich girl manicure.

Floral Tips

There’s nothing like adding a dash of femininity to an entirely classic nail style. Give your usual French manicure a floral twist by adding small flowers on the tip.

The Natural Way


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Who said the basics can’t be fun? Quiet luxury in its very essence is all about making a statement with the basics. A simple manicure with a nude, high-sheen finish is just that.

Hearty Fun


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While quiet luxury nails are all about plain bases that are glossy, there’s no harm in adding some dainty decals to them. Delicate hearts in tones of beige or white over your neutral base make for an adorable option.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss nails were undoubtedly the most underrated nail trend of the year. Quiet luxury meets coquettecore with these nails with their lip gloss-like effect. A subtle hint of pink with a jelly finish makes these nails what they are.

Chrome French

We hear you, chrome is a maximalist trend which really tends to stand out. But if you’re looking to sail in two boats at the same time, a sleek chrome French tip paired with a nude base is quiet luxury meets sci-fi.

Milky Peaches

At the centre of the quiet luxury aesthetic lie milky nails. Translucent and soft in appearance, this design is a great way to add a dreamy touch to your manicure.

Monochrome Magic

Tones of earthy browns practically scream luxury. A monochrome manicure with varying hues of brown is a timeless and versatile option.

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