Rajesh Pratap Singh On His Latest Collection For Satya Paul At FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week 2021

Rajesh Pratap Singh

Having been the Creative Director for Satya Paul for about a year, Rajesh Pratap Singh paid homage to the late designer with his collection The Master’s Words at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week. In addition, he also launched the revolutionary Carbon zero TENCEL™ fibres, which are incorporated in the new line-up. As a designer who always combined his contemporary aesthetic with sustainable practices, this collaboration further paves the way for a circular future.

The colourful showcase closed with Tripti Dimri and Rahul Bose as showstoppers. Ahead, we find out more about the collection in a detailed conversation with Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

ELLE: What inspired the collection for Satya Paul this season?

Rajesh Pratap Singh: The collection is in memory of Mr. Satya Paul, who we lost earlier this year. Mr. Paul lived a vibrant, inspiring life, which reflected in the bold prints he used. I also have a vivid memory of how he used calligraphy–quotes from thinkers like Rumi and Osho lived with him. It is this dual play with colours and wisdom that is the primary inspiration for this collection.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

ELLE: Elaborate on the theme of this collection.

RPS: The Master’s Words is for a world in 2021, where our quest for peace continues. We’ve taken this journey to the next level by prioritising sustainable design as we work with cleaner fabrics that are gentle on the earth. Many of the dresses, trousers, and shirts in this collection are made with TENCEL™, a sustainable fibre produced by Lenzing. Entirely biodegradable, its only residue is water that regenerates the earth.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

ELLE: Interesting! Could you describe the details of the collection?

RPS: The collection is about graphic, bold prints. We’ve developed a new vocabulary for the brand using bright colours, constructed clothing, sequins, while keeping the brand’s DNA in mind. The words that appear in this collection are drawn from ancient, calligraphic texts and translated to bright colours and uplifting hues. We’ve also had a lot of fun with athleisure, which adds a new, fresh dimension to the brand. All this reflects a sense of adventure and experimentation which the brand has always had, and the late designer was known for. 

Rajesh Pratap Singh

ELLE: How do you blend your design language with the signature aesthetic of Satya Paul saris?

RPS: Satya Paul saris always represented the antithesis of what was considered a ‘traditional’ sari at the time. We’re constantly experimenting with the sari, even today – looking at how it can be made contemporary with bold prints, or reversible to maximise versatility, or sometimes we see how the same sari can be worn on both the beach and to work. 

ELLE: What’s in store for the label next?

RPS:We have a lot of new things coming up. Besides a revamp of the product we’re also adding a home category, which we’re super excited about. We’ve redesigned our stores and refined our customer experience. Accessories is also something we want to take to explore, it’s a category we’re working very hard on. We’ve also dropped a small line for menswear. The shirts are fun, practical, and suitable for many different contexts.

- Lifestyle Editor


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