Let Your Essence Shine With A Range Of Fragrances By Rivona

There’s a careful process that goes into the selection of a scent, a deep dive on whether it suits your personality. In summers, most people opts for breezy scents with floral notes of rose or vanilla whereas in winters, a deep musky scent has people gravitating towards it. You know, it is when your presence is felt long after you’ve left the room, it’s called making a statement. With a range of simple and affordable fragrances from Rivona, you are going to be the talk of the town, and for all the good reasons.

Look Good, Smell Better

Living in society comes with a bunch of expectations, sometimes requiring different masks so we fit in. Sometimes we unintentionally mould our personality to please the people we meet. But that can be exhausting. Rivona is all about letting your inner voice shine, an essential first step towards authentic self-expression. With its range of unisex perfumes that are pocket friendly and lightweight, these fragrances have been made keeping your needs in mind.

A New Essence

The brand complements its existing skincare, haircare and lip care range with the introduction of an IFRA certified fragrance, which is good for skin. These fragrances will not only complete the look but also resonate with your empowering essence.


The two different collections have been made to keep you smelling fresh all day long, with their high retention ability. The first collection, Versatile, comes with four different perfumes. With notes of Freesia, Orange Blossom, and Amber Wood, Unique is the perfect choice for casual settings, whereas Timeless combines floral notes of Raspberry, Rose, and Cedar, well-suited for professional settings, or formal occasions where a sense of grace and elegance is desired.


The other range of perfumes is called Recollection and contains four perfumes namely Essential, Magnetic, Original and Adrenaline Boost. With notes of classic Vanilla, rich amber and spicy aromas, Magnetic is a fragrance of irresistible allure, perfect for that date night you’ve been looking forward to. A musky scent, Adrenaline Boost with notes of sandalwood resonates with determination, propelling one to triumph in every athletic endeavour without the fear of smelling bad. The answer to your fragrance worries is finally here.

Try any one of the eight perfumes designed specifically to make you the center of attention all day long available on their website. 

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