Enter The World Of Luxury With The Launch Of Range Rover House In India

Range Rover

For all the luxury car enthusiasts, who get chills every time they see an artistically crafted and luxuriously designed car, strap your seat belts and gear up for this exciting news. Range Rover House has officially opened its doors for the first time in India, offering you a curated immersion into modern luxury.

This innovative venue showcases the locally manufactured Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, marking India as the first country outside the UK to manufacture these iconic vehicles. Now, that’s big news! Specially built for the local market, these models exemplify Range Rover’s commitment to blending global excellence with regional relevance.

Nestled in Alibaug, in a luxurious villa surrounded by lush greenery, Range Rover House provides a secluded sanctuary. It’s an environment designed to reflect Range Rover’s DNA of refinement and design leadership, tailored to resonate with local culture. This immersive experience begins with a journey to the venue on a private luxury yacht, setting the stage for a bespoke journey that indulges all five senses.

Luxurious Interactions

Range Rover House immerses clients in a journey through the brand’s rich heritage and modern luxury ethos. Upon arrival, you are introduced to the Provenance section, a contemporary space meticulously curated to showcase Range Rover’s legacy, timeless beauty and innovation.

At the Bespoke Studio, clients can personalise and commission their next Range Rover alongside specialists from Special Vehicle Operations. This hands-on experience epitomises tailored design, allowing guests to select bespoke finishes and features that reflect their individual tastes.

The journey continues at the Design Studio, where you can participate in a masterclass with Range Rover’s expert design team. Here, you’ll gain insights into the intricate process of curating luxury vehicles and even have the opportunity to sketch your own Range Rover, fostering a deeper appreciation for the brand’s meticulous craftsmanship.

Range Rover

Further enriching your experience, the Luxe Atelier offers exclusive fashion consultations from SSHomme by Sarah & Sandeep. The Fragrance Lab lets you craft bespoke scents like Seascape and Citrus Breeze, among others.

Range Rover

The Wellness Sanctuary provides sound and crystal healing sessions, and the Tasting Vault features fine spirits paired with artisanal chocolate and cheese. The Reflexology Chamber is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a foot massage. Completing the journey, a culinary experience curated by Masque showcases India’s distinctive produce through a modern luxury lens.

Range Rover

Range Rover House is crafted to offer a calm sanctuary, much like a journey in a Range Rover. For more information on the locally manufactured Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, visit here.

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