Here’s Everything To Know About Raveena Mehta And Her Decade Long Musical Journey

From making her debut at the tender age of 12 with the release of her album From Deep Within in 2010 to reaching the milestone of a decade-long journey in music, Raveena Mehta’s career has been nothing short of an uninterrupted symphony of innovation and collaboration.

Taking a hiatus to focus on academic pursuits, Mehta then returned to the spotlight in 2020 with the release of Yaadein, a melody that resonated highly with the listeners. It was not long before the Bewafa singer starred alongside Tiger Shroff as the female voice in the latter’s debut single Casanova in 2021.

Raveena Mehta

When asked about the singer’s journey, she comments, “For me, the expression of music
isn’t for a fleeting few seconds, it’s a lifelong pursuit of expression. The art of music is a lens into my being, it’s what I perceive the world with, and that to me is very powerful – it’s infinite. Knowing that I have music and art within me, gives me a sense of peace, liberty and detachment (in the purest sense of the word).”

The Cannes season is thriving and we can’t stop but reminisce about Raveena’s presence at the renowned Film Festival for over four consecutive years. Her presence was successful not only in terms of the red carpet walk but also in terms of captivating the audiences with her performances. Raveena’s global representation of India’s artistic talent was further highlighted by her recent appearance on the runways of New York Fashion Week for an esteemed South Asian brand.

Raveena’s creativity extends across various artistic mediums beyond her music. With expertise in illustration, sculpture, and painting, she integrates her visual artistry into her music videos. Residing in the bustling mosaic of New York City, Mehta finds her creative fuel in her surroundings, collaborating with fellow talents from the South Asian diaspora.

Following her partnership with the British-Indian Producer Rishi Rich on Jab Tu Hai Wohi, Raveena ventured to London last year to lay the foundation for an upcoming EP alongside the esteemed producer. 

Raveena Mehta presents herself as an artist in every form, allowing her to focus on the
longitudinal relationship of art and how it feeds one’s soul. She concludes with some insight on her life with this statement, “Art is limitless and I am beyond grateful for it – it keeps me whole and connected with myself; allows me to remain self-assured and navigate the world lead from a place of love. When people listen to my music or experience my artworks, I hope they feel immensely liberated, understood and at peace, that’s at the core of it all for me.

“In 2008, I was around 11 years old and had just begun recording my first album From Deep Within, defying various norms within my community with the incredible and unwavering support of my parents who have been with me every step of the way. I honestly hadn’t realised then, that I had embarked upon a journey of this much internal fulfilment and awakening. It is these experiences that have taught me to work with a vision, not just a vision for my career, but for my journey as a whole. I have a vision for the life I wish to have at 80, and every day, with measured steps, I’m just working backwards. Some things work, and some don’t, but at least I’ll know that I did everything with pure intentions and heart, and that’s what matters most to me. I’ve only just begun, but the process has been otherworldly so far.”

- Digital Intern


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