Real Brides Reveal The Skincare Routine That Actually Worked For Them


The wedding season can be hectic for any bride-to-be’s skin. With so many opinions online (and from family!), you can find yourself overwhelmed, scrambling for the right thing to do. We spoke to five real brides to understand how they managed to ace their pre-bridal skincare routine; here’s what they had to say.

1. Hanna Khan

For Hanna, dark spots, dryness, and hyperpigmentation were a cause for concern. With stress being at an all-time high during wedding planning, she started noticing her skin looking dull and undernourished. Lack of good quality sleep and improper water intake was also to blame.

Hanna started her pre-bridal skincare routine 4-6 weeks before her big day. The sheer variety of products available in the market overwhelmed her. But she was sure she didn’t want to shock her skin with a new product just for the sake of having an elaborate pre-bridal routine. So she stuck to her tried and tested faves to address the immediate concerns.

She revealed, “Since I don’t have acne-prone skin or any major skincare issues, I didn’t overcomplicate my routine. What worked for me was moisturising, double cleansing and a good vitamin C serum. I wanted to make my skin look hydrated and plump so that the make-up sat on it well. I do believe that what goes internally really shows on the outside. So lots of sleep, proper good diet and routine that was basic, minimal and clean really worked for me.”

Hanna’s lovely wedding pictures are proof that she came out of her bridal nuptials with flying colours. Her advice for new brides-to-be? “Don’t get into the black hole of unsolicited internet advice on treatments or products. You may wanna be adventurous and try something new, but there are risks of a bad reaction. Surgical procedures can alter your appearance, and that may not get a good reaction from people. Trust your dermatologist–de-tan and laser treatments were my go-to, in addition to my absolute skin essentials, no extras!” she revealed.

2. Natasha S

For Natasha, dehydrated skin and redness in the T-zone were her biggest pre-bridal concerns. She started with monthly facials targeted at dry skin and exfoliation six months before the wedding date. She started gradually testing products on her skin to build her own skincare routine to identify what worked for her and what didn’t.

Natasha’s ideal routine came from research around dryness and redness. “I used hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, lactic acid and salicylic acid to manage dry skin and redness. I slowly incorporated these into my skincare routine–starting with test patches and then trying the products together as well. I also listened to my mum! She advised regular facial steam before and during my wedding to keep my skin free of impurities.”

Her advice on trying a new routine before the wedding? Talk to a professional. “Skincare is unique to everyone, and if you have skin concerns, I highly recommend speaking with a Dermatologist. I wish I had done this too! It would’ve made the process of finding a pre-wedding skincare routine a lot easier and affordable. Also, try to get a couple of opinions and weigh out the pros and cons of the routines to make an informed decision”, she revealed.

Natasha’s shared a personal hack for a flawless make-up application. “Before applying make-up, I steamed my face, applied a salicylic charcoal mask and followed this with hyaluronic acid and either niacinamide or lactic acid serum. I followed this skin prep before events to make sure my base was perfect,” she revealed.

“Another must-do for all brides is to double cleanse after every event. Remove make-up with an oil-based cleanser and repeat with a cream cleanser to make sure all make-up is removed from your skin before sleep. Also, consult with your make-up artist to see if they have any advice for you after your trial – they might have some valuable tips!” Natasha further elaborated.

3. Rashi Dongre 

To begin with, Rashi’s most significant and most important concern was dark circles and spots, especially around the lips. She consulted a dermatologist for acne as well, who recommended her a customised treatment plan. Her bridal skincare routine began six months prior, with a close examination of her skin and diet, which she could continue post-wedding as well.

Rashi let us in on her pre-bridal acne treatment, “The treatment felt like any other facial, but the results were life-transforming. It started with a basic cleanup procedure, masking, and an instrument that helped target every acne spot. To maintain the results, my go-to products were a moisturiser, sunscreen and spot fading cream.”

Rashi’s top tip for to-be brides? Customise a routine that works for you! “With social media playing a significant role in our lives, you can get bombarded with opinions. I confess to occasionally giving in to homemade remedies, but my mantra has always been: less is more. I consciously decided to use lesser products on my face (skincare and make-up) and keep it chemical-free for most of the time before my wedding festivities. My nutritionist ensured my diet included fish, eggs, fresh fruit, less oil, green tea, coconut water, dry fruits, nuts, and daily Vitamin C supplements. To get soft and supple skin, I used a homemade coffee and brown sugar scrub suggested by my mum; it really works!”

4. Shivangi Bhatia 

Before her nuptials began, Shivangi noticed clogged skin and whiteheads that showed more after make-up application. She started to target them 6-8 months before the wedding day. For her, there are no quick fixes when it comes to skin. It takes a long time to slowly heal and involves having a good lifestyle to look great inside out.

“I have been taking care of my body internally for quite a few years now, which really helped me,” Shivangi revealed. As for her skin, a trusty friend came in for the rescue. “My friend has a degree in cosmetology, so she gave me a skincare routine, and we decided to keep it minimal because of my sensitive skin. I stuck to double cleansing, moisturiser and sunscreen (the most crucial step). I would also recommend getting a package for facials depending on your skin concern at least eight months prior. Lastly, try to be in a deep sleep from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am because that’s the time when the body heals and rejuvenates itself”, she revealed.

Shivangi’s top tip for to-be brides comes in the form of caution. “I always come across posts where people advise putting DIY packs on your face. I feel anything from the kitchen should be kept away from the skin. They can be irritating for some, and the results aren’t long-lasting. I remember everyone around me freaking out over a tiny zit and plying me with pieces of advice”, she revealed. She also recommended not getting unnerved by bits of advice you haven’t asked for; there is no merit in pointing out flaws in anyone’s appearance.

5. Isha Multani 

For Isha, a slow and gradual process routine began a year before her wedding date. “You need your skin to be naturally fed well and hydrated and taken care of. The optimum time is six months, but I started mine a year back because I needed to change a lot based on the feedback I got,” she revealed.

“When it came to choosing the appropriate routine, a lot of it was influenced by people around me – friends who got married previously, my mom and my sister in law. What worked for me were homemade masks and switching to an organic diet. I went for hydrafacials 8 weeks before the wedding to hydrate my skin and give it a dewy glow. My skin is prone to breakouts, so I avoided wearing make-up and went out with a bare face. My advice to you is to figure out what works for you and go head-on into doing that. Also, try to detox three months before. Moisturiser, sunscreen and a good night’s sleep were my absolute essentials”, she revealed.

For Isha, diet and lifestyle played a huge role in preparing her skin for her wedding. “An essential learning for me was that what we eat makes our skin look supple, soft and glowy. Fixing my diet and regular exercise really worked for me. Fix your diet, avoid processed foods and sugar. But change takes time to reflect on your face, so start early on. Some foods that really helped me are pomegranates, chia seeds, basil seeds and green juices. I especially love the ABC (Apple Beetroot Carrot) Smoothie option; it really brings out a natural blush in your skin!” she revealed.

Photos: Instagram

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