Step Inside The Newly Renovated AER At Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai


The 34th floor of Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai, is akin to being on a yacht. With the launch of the newly renovated AER, this time with a view of the South Mumbai skyline, the rooftop bar is the perfect lounge destination.

With an exciting iteration as a yacht club, AER has a wide array of food and beverages. Curated by Alexandre Renoue, the beverage menu cements the bar’s reputation as one of the most premium cocktail destinations. Reflecting the various stages of the skyline, from the clear Vodka-based cocktails to Rye whisky mirroring cumulus clouds, you have a wide choice to pick from. “The beverage menu is an ode to its nautical ethos and thoughtfully curated as a sensory voyage through the changing patterns of the weather,” explains Renoue. Out of the twelve cocktails that reflect the shifting moods of the skyline, our favourite was the Rain Dance, London Dry Gin, mixed with pineapple, quinine, chakri phool and laung, a perfect drink to complement the city’s skyline.

The cuisines of the coast inspire the culinary artistry at AER and work as the perfect accompaniment to the cocktail menu. A large part of the menu is vegetarian, with vegan options. You’ll enjoy sampling world flavours with options of salmon, Russian prawns cooked in saffron sauce, butternut squash baba ganoush, tofu, and more.

Complementing the views of Mumbai skylines are the interiors with nautical undertones. Architect Phillip Pond brings in modern design language with the perfect balance of traditional arches and stone panelling. The nautical stripes on the floor, the deck-style seating and the ocean-coloured cushions all add to the experience of making you feel like you are on a yacht. The focal point, of course, is the eagle-eye view of the city. The retractable Wimbledon-style roof ensures you enjoy the spot in all weather. This year’s welcome change is the table seating options, available only on reservations over a minimum spend of Rs 7000 for two. It’s currently open in the evenings, with plans to further roll out brunches. With the Mumbai monsoons at their peak, the space does make for a perfect sunset spot.

- Editor In Chief


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