6 Best & Timeless Tracks Return From The Past on TikTok

TikTok Songs

MTV walked, so TikTok could run, or maybe both just sprinted- we will never know. But what we do know is that thanks to the app with over 2 billion users now- some of the most catchy songs of this era have some 15 seconds of intricate choreography which you can totally do when you’re pushed to the middle of a dance face-off. Call them, “TikTok songs”, but you know why they blew up, they are captivating enough for everyone to either lip-sync to or show off their moves to. Yeah sure, Spotify and apple music might make you new playlists and keep your music on a smooth shuffle but Tiktok is slowly developing into your next stop modish destination for discovering new tunes.

But more than introducing, they also resurface old songs which slap so hard, that they send you back to the era when you’re wearing leg warmers with high, swinging ponytails and frosted eye colours. Here are the top throwback tunes which have the Gen Z in a chokehold.

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush

Stranger Things definitely killed it this season (thankfully, no character) but another thrilling element of the series would be this 1985 electro-pop dreamy song which found its place as a chart topper after a long time.  It is also trending on the tok and I can see why it’s a sure shot formula to be protected from Vecna.

Rasputin by Boney M

Spanish rift, A legendary Folk Tale, Russian Rhythm and you have a song which is a certified bop. Get ready with your polka dots headband and disco pants. Or if you just want to follow the famous TikTok trend- then flaunt your look, strike a pose and lip-sync to this extremely banging, hands-clapping, tune. Thank you for the resurgence of this smashing hit, TikTok.

Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

Michael Jackson had told Mercury that they need a song, “which the cats could dance to”. It was then that this groovy disco-pop banger was formed. The track has insane sound effects, Mercury’s energetic belting, and now they have a “facial expression” to its name too. The Gen z army makes a face and bops its head to the beat after the chorus. That expression is now in the hall of fame of expressions alongside the duck face.

Qismat Ki Hawa Kabhi Naram by C. Ramchandra 

We cannot entirely credit reels for making this goofy classic blow up again- we are forever indebted to the movie, “Ludo” to bring back this song and make us want to look up the original. This 1951 jolly melody was used by many on the app from everywhere around the globe to exhibit their wacky steps or expressions. It is guaranteed to make you belt it out loud (hopefully not when you’re on your murdering spree).

Piku Sarod Theme by Anupam Roy

Piku deserved all the love which was bestowed on it. But one of the best (and absolutely peaceful) takeaways of the movie would be the sarod theme which was played during the Calcutta montage. It is the perfect soothing piece, a slice of heaven of a tune to create artsy reels of scenic scenes and your city’s nightlife. Or just whatever you want to show which gives you aesthetic pleasure.

Slipping Through My Fingers by ABBA (Covered in Mamma Mia!)

Sometimes you really want to freeze the feeling that a song evokes and you want to keep going back. ABBA’s  Fernando, Waterloo to Chiquita and a lot more were used in the playful musical, Mamma Mia where most of their songs were performed. But this song has been brought back as a nostalgic trend perfect for showcasing a phase or stage in your life with or without someone. Add to the innumerable amount of feels, the revived version is the Mamma Mia one where you see a sentimental scene between a mother and a growing daughter.

I also wrote about how Tik Tok is a ticking time bomb for artists, read up on that maybe?

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