From Revenge Dress To Revenge Body, Everyone Has An Opinion On The Choices Women Make After A Breakup

Revenge Dress

If I had a dollar for every time I heard an inept agony aunt give advice like ‘lose a couple pounds and show him what he’s missing,’ to someone going through a breakup, I’d be lounging around in my Tuscan villa, mimosas in hand. Or the classic, ‘wear that dress and make him regret his existence.’ Look, we all have our ways of trying to pep up our lovelorn mates, but why at the cost of ascribing to the revenge body or revenge dress agenda?

There was certainly more to Princess Diana than her Christina Stambolian black silk evening gown which is now known as the ‘revenge dress.’ And if you really feel the need to transform the way you look or dress, please do so by all means. Just be kinder in the process and avoid stripping yourself of your true essence or style in order to pander to someone’s expectations.

Missteps Galore

Popularised by Khloé Kardashian’s reality show, the term ‘Revenge body’ is said to be catharsis for the frustration that follows after being dumped. People get fitter (thinner, to be precise) and change features considered unattractive by conventional standards to either get back at their partner, to show what they’re supposedly missing out on or just for a confidence boost.

While this in no way a dig at people yearning to do so, kindly allow us to take up the cudgels with the concept of looking a certain way for male approval. Because at the end of it, it’s mostly women trying to get rid of their stomach flab, wiggly arms, crooked teeth and saggy breasts. And such shows not only make a mockery out of women’s features but are also highly reductive in nature. Maybe a show where they make the dumpee go through bouts of therapy, a yoga routine and confidence boosting classes, would be more constructive, we reckon.

The Revenge Dress

Revenge Dress

Google ‘revenge dress’ and brace yourself for images of Princess Diana wearing the infamous black dress and sheer tights from every angle known to mankind. While the primary intention of the slinky number worn by Princess Diana was to break royal protocol and inadvertently show the finger to archaic rules, masses prefer a more controversial explanation. That she wore it because Prince Charles’ much publicised affair came to light, because why else would an independent and sartorially sound woman with ample taste opt for a great dress? For a man, of course. Or to induce jealousy, right?

Glow-Up Culture

Revenge Dress

While we all collectively harbour a sweet spot for The Princess Diaries, you have to agree about the makeover scene being a huge amiss, especially when there were (and are) legions of young girls watching and idolising the same. What will it take to move on from the ugly duckling transforms into the siren you can’t stop thinking about trope? While such movies in no way further the revenge body or revenge dress agenda, they end up indirectly facilitating the notion that one has to pull a 360° with regards to their appearance, in a bid to either attract a mate or gain wider acceptance in society as a whole.

To Each Their Own?


Like that tweet goes: ‘Unbothered, moisturised, happy, in my lane, focused, flourishing,’ let that serve as a motto than some out of touch reality star’s ignorant TV show. And if busting your ass off at the gym provides you the serotonin you need to get over someone, run and don’t walk to book that gym membership. And wear that risqué dress you’ve been refusing to wear at the behest of saving it for an occasion. Why let it marinate into the ‘revenge dress’ option? It’s good as it is. Great even.

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