The Ri Ritu Kumar Collection Is The Best Place To Shop For New-Age Brides

Ritu Kumar FI

Year after year, season after season, matrimonial bonds keep on binding generations and strengthen our belief in the bliss of a happily ever after. Ritu Kumar’s design label has not only been a continual eye-witness to this practice for decades but has also been an integral part in gracing the trousseau of hundreds of brides. Ever since the 60s, i.e., when Ritu Kumar laid the foundation stone for her design career, the label has now transformed into a magnanimous venture with her business acumen serving as the ideal catalyst to embrace prosperity in this cutthroat battle between other industry leaders.

The new Ri Ritu Kumar Collection is another stride towards success with intricate craftsmanship and sophistication at the core of their design ethos. This collection explores a summery setting at a wedding and their quest to provide pieces which remind you to feel the joy in the celebrations once again. The same old nostalgia evoked by twirling around in tiered skirts with saree pallus serving as the perfect cover, this collection bestows the to-be bride with a wardrobe that emphasizes movement and thereby, making it the epitome of new-age tradition.

The offerings are plenty, from pre-draped sarees, to cocktail dresses, to salwar suits and some more. The medley of silhouettes ranging from the ones native to the bygones and some relevant to this day would entice even the most discerning out of the lot given the welcome diversity served on a single platter.

Surface embellishments emerge triumphant along with other arenas like colours and cuts coming to a close second as the well thought out motifs and patterns formulate the core of the design strategy. The oversized florals step into the spotlight but not too much so as to retain an aesthetically pleasant semblance of a well-crafted piece. The fabric selection is masterfully executed by propelling lightweight options like silk organza to the forefront. Glamour and comfort going hand in hand is key. Especially at weddings. And especially in India.

It’ll be a redundant practice to limit the target radius of the collection. The pieces offer varying levels of haute-drama which makes place for the bridesmaids, relatives and friends of the bride to find their perfect piece as well. The commendable trait of blending Indian sensibilities with a contemporary tinge by this Ri Ritu Kumar collection is supremely laudable. It’s no revelation that nobody will return empty handed. There’s something for everyone of every age and liking. A win-win for sure.

Have a look at their campaign for their newest collection below:

You can also visit their website at here.

- Digital Fashion Writer


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