Richa Ravi Sinha

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Richa Sinha has quite the following on Instagram. She’s known for her sense of fashion – interesting and sharp – she has outfit suggestions no matter what the occasion. ELLE caught up with her for a chat about her life, love and fashion tips.

ELLE: You’ve dabbled in so many things, tell us about your career graph

Richa Sinha: I am in my early twenties and have always loved fashion. After graduating from La Martiniere Girls College in Lucknow, I had the chance to live and travel abroad, which opened my eyes to so many new things. I began my career in Mumbai by competing in beauty pageants and doing some small modelling jobs for online portals. I’ve also represented India as Miss India Global in China in 2019 and World Supermodel in Fiji in 2018. Those were some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life; they helped me develop confidence and gave me a lot of exposure.

I’ve always been ambitious and a go-getter, and I’ve been slowly drawn to acting since Covid happened. I didn’t know where to start because I knew no one in the business, but I always knew that you have to be yourself and play yourself if you want to leave a lasting impression. Thankfully, I signed with some agents and also found some opportunities. I began working with numerous brands abroad through my digital presence, eventually breaking into music videos and global advertising that helped me build a professional portfolio. I also worked with brands in India & internationally which inclined me more towards fashion. Now I’m ready to make my acting debut and am excited to be a part of Indian cinema.

ELLE: We know your style on the gram, how would you describe it in your own words?

Richa Sinha: If I had to describe my style, it would only be described as classic and sexy, with a slight blend of both. I have always idealised Rekha and Kate Moss (a fantastic combination), so much of what I post, follow, and feel I love about my style comes from these icons. Along with this, I’m putting a lot of effort into developing my specialty and becoming a master of dance and mixed martial arts so I can perform to the best of my skills. If I can define myself in one word it has to be a ‘ hustler ‘

ELLE: Given that she’s a big voice in fashion, she doled out advice for what to wear on various occasions.
  •  Not everyone wants to wear red on Valentine’s Day. What would you recommend they wear for a night of drinks with the girls?

 I think a little shimmer pink dress with a satin hair band would be so cute , I’m a Korean fashion enthusiast , so I’m quiet girls and sexy with my fashion for any dinner dates.
  •  What would be your top pick for date night involving movies and popcorn?

I feel a loose hoodie with a mini skirt and sneakers go so good , I’d just pair it with a match of glossy lips to keep it super chic and classy.
  • LBD or skirt and top- your pick for a dinner date?

 LBD for sure , but also great heels.
  • You can only pack a tiny suitcase for your staycation. What outfits would you pack?

I would pick my satin night dress and a pair of skirt with some loose shirts with my favourite bikinis and shrug.
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