5 Candles For Those Who Love The Intoxicating Fragrance Of Roses

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There are two kinds people in this world- the ones who love Valentine’s Day and all the paraphernalia around it- much like Madhuri Dixit in Dil Toh Pagal Hai. Except that she threw in some lunar movements into it and everyone was confused.  These Valentine’s Day-loving people tend to love red hearts, pink hearts, giant teddy bears and rose scented candles.

Then there are the others, the ones who look at this celebration of love/lust with quiet derision. Or sometimes loud, vocal derision. They want Valentine’s Day to disappear, preferably taking the cutesy love declarations with it. I mean, I don’t hate it but can we please calm down with the red and pink?

But even these people will love a fabulous rose scented candle. The thing with candles is they are so gentle and calming. Like they occupy a tiny space in your room but the throw is intense, so you entire space is transformed. Into a winter wonderland. Or a cafe. Or in my case because I love roses, my room smells like…well..roses. I guess you saw that coming.

I imagine you think that rose scented candles could get cloying, like you landed face first into a bouquet of roses, but the ones that we’ve picked out will take you on a rose-scented journey but a beautiful one. Check these rose-scented candles out.

The Pétale de Rose Candle From All Good Scents

This one smells like rose petals, so it’s not too sweet and then they threw in notes of lotus, vanilla and musk so its a heady cocktail of the best kind. It’s the kind you want to light up when you’re having a chilled out night, wine glass in hand, giggling with your friend about something that happened at work.

The Rose Shot Glass Scented Candle From Ekam


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To quote a cliche, good things do come in small packages. This rose-scented candle from Ekam is perfect to carry with you for a romantic getaway. This one also comes with beautiful floral notes at heart, the scents of jasmine and lily also come through. I imagine this is like a walk through a rose garden, with gentle fountains and gurgling water. And of course, roses in a riot of colours.

A Personalised Rose Scented Candle From Fleck

If you do want to give your partner something with roses but think flowers are too cliche, try out the personalised candle from Fleck. You can choose you notes, and if your heart note is Bulgarian rose, you’ve professed your love without even saying a word. This would be a good time to play ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all.’

The Perfect Date Night Candle From Luxewalk


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There are things that are date night staples. Like wine and great food. And now, we think you should add  rose scented candles to that list. This one from Luxewalk is made of soy and coconut and just the thing to make date night a little more sexy and little more frisky.

The Desert Rose Candle From Mineral Project

Tell me you’re also humming the song by Sting as you read about this candle called Desert Rose. Now I don’t want to rub it in your face, but this is a rose scented candle. It’s a soy candle and this brand specifically focuses on creating products that uplift your mood. This one, with the gentle aroma of roses, has our vote for date night.



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