Saaksha & Kinni’s Swimwear Collection, ‘Hana’ Will Debut At Lakmē Fashion Week X FDCI

Saaksha & Kinni

Saaksha & Kinni is well-known for its colourful and unique designs that embrace modern aesthetics while honouring traditional Indian workmanship.The collections by sisters Saaksha Bhat and Kinnari Kamat are known for their striking blend of seemingly contrarian aesthetics, characterised by vivid colours, detailed designs, and luxurious fabrics. They work with a range of materials, such as cotton, silk, and chiffon, and they add traditional Indian stitching and embellishments to their creations. This year marks the brand’s venture into a swimwear line with the leading beer brand Corona. Their collection, ‘Hana’, embodies the brand’s essence of relaxation, rejuvenation, and the innate connection with nature. The mandala motif, inspired by the signature blue and yellow colours of Corona and nature’s harmony, takes center stage at this year’s Lakmé Fashion Week. ELLE had a chat with Saaksha Bhat about the brand’s vision for the upcoming collection, ‘Hana’, at Lakmē Fashion Week 2024.

ELLE: What was your vision while creating your collection for Lakmē Fashion Week?

Saaksha Bhat (SB): Our vision for creating the collection for the fashion week was multifaceted. Firstly, we aimed to design a resort wear collection that embodied a sense of fun and youthfulness with the idea of rejuvenation and connection with the outdoors. We wanted our pieces to evoke a carefree spirit, making them perfect for those seeking adventure and relaxation. We wanted to capture the essence of nature in not only the silhouettes of our garments but also in the colours, embroidery, and fabrics we chose. With a blend of prints and solids adorned with Indian-inspired quilt detailing, each piece mirrors the tranquility of the ocean, sunset, and lush grasslands. We aimed to create a sense of disconnection from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse ourselves in nature’s embrace. 

ELLE: In three words, describe your upcoming collection for Lakmē Fashion Week 2024.

SB: Fun, bold and experimental 

ELLE: Describe the feeling of seeing your sketches come to life during a fashion show. How has it changed since the first time you saw one of your designs become a reality?

SB: There is no better feeling than watching sketches come to life. It’s also fascinating to see the changes needed to bring a sketch to fruition. What you see on paper does not necessarily work on a woman’s body. This aspect adds an element of challenge and intrigue to the creative process. It requires careful consideration of proportions, materials, and construction techniques to ensure that the final garment embodies the vision captured in the initial sketch. And so, the process is very interesting and challenging, but once the garment is made and you look back on the sketch, there is a sense of fulfilment. It’s a moment of validation for the countless hours spent refining and perfecting every detail. This feeling remains unchanged, regardless of how many times one experiences it.

ELLE: If your collection were a song, which one would it be and why?

SB: Cake by the Ocean—fun, peppy, and a song that you can’t help but sing along to. It represents energy, not taking life too seriously, and getting yourself outdoors again. 

ELLE: Tell us about your association with Corona for this collection.

SB: The synergy between our design and Corona’s ethos creates a seamless fit, particularly well-suited for resort wear. Corona is a very crisp brand that focuses on rejuvenation, disconnecting from everyday distractions, and going back to nature. It felt like the perfect collaboration in terms of two brands coming together who wanted to promote the outdoors, youth, and enjoying life. The corona colours fitted very well into our resort wear, and the idea of their transparent bottle sympathising with our sheer fabrics felt like a match made in heaven. Introducing our debut swimwear line alongside Corona felt like an ideal opportunity to showcase our shared values of adventure and enjoyment. Together, our goal was to inspire people to embrace the freedom and joy of outdoor experiences, embodying carefree living at its finest.

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