5 Unique Salad Ingredients To Elevate Your Dining Experience

Salad ingredients to love

Almost every other person you meet will have a critical opinion about salads. “It tastes like grass” or “I always feel unsatisfied after”. It’s never easy to convince the average stubborn foodie to appreciate the complexity and flexibility of every salad recipe. If you’re creative enough, you can make some exciting and nutritious meals out of them. Here’s a list of some foods that you would be surprised go great with any salad mix of your choosing:

Raw Mango

Everybody always raves about the classic version of this fruit. The moment summer is around the corner, people can’t wait to grab mangoes by the dozen. However, raw mango brings a whole different level of sourness to your plate. Paired with the right spices, the flavour can do wonders to make a basic dish flamboyant. And in a salad, this can mean a simple salad is taken to a whole new level. 

Candied Walnuts

You’ve not been able to wrap your head around having a sweetened nut is not the smartest thing in a savoury dish but let’s look past that for a second. In a salad bowl full of smooth veggies, it’s always fun to have that little crunch. Not only that but walnuts are great in terms of nutrition as well. It’s never a bad idea to lower your chances of heart disease.

Banana Peppers

The strange sibling of the pepper family, banana peppers are a less known but equally exciting addition to your salad bowl. Owing to its more tangy, sweeter taste then its contemporaries, this brings a very unexpected taste. In the scorching heat of the summer, this makes for yummier, less spicy and more refreshing option.


Leave it to the Japanese to give us another gem of a tasting experience. Miso is very popular in its soup form but when you consider it as a salad dressing variable, it can very much exceed your expectations. A pro tip? Mix the paste with some mayo. You might be a little surprised at just how much you like it. 


Any salad connoisseur will always vouch for watermelon as the go-to for adding to that element of freshness that salads tend to have anyway. It makes the perfect pair with feta cheese which, as we all know, is a top tier salad ingredient.  

Healthy eating has always been a task for those who feel incomplete without a stimulated palate. Although there is nothing wrong in eating your heart out with some classic junk food, it’s no secret that balance is very necessary to maintain physical as well as mental strength on a day to day basis. Try some of the above mentioned ingredients out and see for yourself that you don’t have to choose between taste and nourishment.

Images: iStock, Pinterest

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