Samsung’s New Galaxy AI Series Is Pioneering the Future of Smartphone Photography


It did not disappoint! We’re of course talking about the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event,– which totally lived up to the hype! With the launch of the new Galaxy S24 series, it indeed is, as they claim “The Promise of a New Beginning” which will forever change how we interact with the world through our smartphones. 

Their recent event in Yashobhoomi, Dwarka on January 17th, was an absolute blast too, brimming with tech bloggers, lifestyle creators, top gaming champs, and media all pumped up to get a first-hand glimpse into the dawn of a new smartphone era. The vibe was electric as everyone dove into the immersive Galaxy AI experience zones and duked it out at the heart-pounding #PlayGalaxy cup – which is a gaming showdown. 

We finally did get the scoop on what we were looking for with this new launch and we’re excited to give you an exclusive look into what makes the Galaxy AI ‘the phone of the future’

Redefining Photography

At the heart of the Galaxy AI revelation lies its mind-blowing camera tech, reshaping the landscape of smartphone photography like never before. Samsung’s commitment to pushing boundaries shines through every pixel, offering users a playground of creativity and a visual experience that’s out of this world. The camera in this series is a The Pro-visual Engine IN Galaxy S24 Series is the beating heart of its photographic wizardry. It has to be ‘The ultimate’ camera for shooting, editing, and viewing that’ll make your jaw drop. With features like Nightography and Space Zoom, up to 200mp Hi-res, Single Take, Intelligent Gallery, and so much more, get ready to take your visual storytelling to uncharted territories.

Bringing Distant Moments Closer with Space Zoom

You know what ‘having a front-row seat to the action, even if you’re miles away’ feels like, right? Day or night, the Space Zoom feature redefines the concept of proximity, allowing us to capture intricate details at up to 100 X digital zoom with excellent quality at all ranges for both photos & videos. The magic touch of AI in multi-frame processing and getting the super-resolution based on deep learning is just too good for words, you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Illuminating the Dark with Nightography Zoom

Just when we thought Space Zoom was the height, we learned about its Nightography Zoom which helps illuminate the darkest corners with stunning clarity. Offering nighttime zoom at 5x with 1.6x Larger Pixel, it delivers brighter, clearer zoom photos at night. Enhanced with wider OIS and AI ISP (Night Solution) + AI Stereo Depth Map, it captures bright night portraits with exceptional depth & artful blur effects.

Detail Beyond Imagination with 50 MP; 200 MP High Resolution

Thanks to this, we can now capture a new level of detail and color at some of the highest resolutions available, reinforced by the AI Engine that enhances details & reduces noise through upgraded noise & object recognition. The new models feature a continuous augmentation database and a new Adaptive Pixel for natural & accurate color tone, recognizing 12 kinds of subjects for optimized exposure, color, and resolution in low light. The shots are going to be nothing short of perfection.

Creativity Knows No Bounds with Intelligent Gallery

Step into the future of editing with Intelligent Gallery, a playground for a creative explorer. From generative AI-based editing to optimal editing suggestions, Galaxy AI transforms your snapshots into gallery-worthy masterpieces with a tap, taking visual storytelling to a whole new level. You can now also experience super HDR and slow motion like never before, brightening up highlights in all images and enhancing the HDR effect in videos. With AI generating additional frames based on movements, you’ll also be able to enjoy smoothly slowed-down moments like never before.

Capturing Moments, Uninterrupted with Single Take

Say hello to Single Take, the feature that ensures you never miss a beat. With enhanced Single Take shooting, choose from various lenses & resolutions, and check out the new pet recognition Engine, which recognises 8 poses that’ll now help you click every ‘Blink-and-You-Miss-It’ moment of your beloved pets. It’s like having your personal paparazzi in the palm of your hand!

Empowering Creativity Across Platforms with Expanded 3rd Party App Experience

Take your talents beyond borders with expanded 3rd party app integration. Whether you’re snapping HDR photos, crafting motion clips, or utilizing the video stabilizer, Galaxy AI ensures your creativity flows without limitations across all your favorite social media apps.

For photography enthusiasts seeking greater control over their craft, Galaxy AI introduces a suite of pro-level features, including Digital ND Filters and Default 24MP Capturing through the Expert Raw App. With enhanced control over exposure and noise reduction, users can say goodbye to limitations and hello to boundless creativity!

Secure Your Spot in the Future of Photography

It is time to redefine what’s possible and be ready to seize the extraordinary moments, whether it’s in your life or your smartphone, you don’t want to be left behind in this new era where the future is available today. If you like to stay ahead in the game – Pre-book your Galaxy S24 series now and get benefits worth Rs. 22000*. T&C apply. . 

The Galaxy AI revolution has begun. Are you ready to capture the extraordinary?

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