Sara Ali Khan rides a new wave of street wear sneakers with Puma

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There’s a certain charm about the ‘80s and its fashion trends—it struck a fine balance between being extravagant without being too loud. And the retro vibe is something we are still stuck on. The nostalgia of the era is strong in our wardrobes, and Puma is adding to that with its Rider Play On drop. The pair is a rendition of a cult classic with a silhouette that reflects the good old ‘80s aesthetic of the running sneaker Puma Fast Rider.

The kicks borrow the material play and colour blocking from the OG 1980 pair which lends it equal parts comfort and style. The new addition of the RIDERFOAM midsole is made for a high rebound while the corrugated, shock-absorbing outsole is inspired by the original “federbein” construction. And who better than actor fitness icon Sara Ali Khan to be the face of Puma?

Read on as we talk to Sara Ali Khan on all things fashion and fitness:

ELLE: How would you style yourself for a day out with friends?

Sara Ali Khan: I would think about comfort. So I would style myself in a nice pair of Puma track pants and a Puma T-shirt. I think you’re most yourself when you’re comfortable, and Puma is most me.

ELLE: What’s your definition of street style?

SK: Street style for me is fashion that emerges from the streets—it is casual, authentic, comfortable, youth-centric and allows you to be you. Rather than adhering to studio fashion, it reflects grass-root trends.

ELLE: How would you style a street style look for someone who has never tried it before?

SK: Go to Puma! Their new rider collection is the vibe. It’s casual, comfortable and authentic street style. Pair it with whatever hair, makeup, a vibe that’s most you and you’re good to go.

ELLE: Do you enjoy working out? What is your favourite workout regime?

SK: I really enjoy working out. I believe that an hour of working out a day is just definitely required. And I think my favourite workout regime is Pilates, although I like to mix it up every now and then; I like to do cardio and functional training and a little bit of boxing as well. I just like working out.

ELLE: What’s your fail-safe workout outfit?

SK: I think a pair of Puma shorts and a Puma sports bra is my safe workout outfit, and I’ll wear it almost always. If I’m travelling, then I think their track pants and their jackets work great. But usually, it’s the sports bra and the shorts.

ELLE: What do you like about the new Puma Rider Play On range?

SK: I think the new Rider range is a lot of fun. The colours are vibrant, the style is cool, and most importantly they are extremely comfortable. I think the clothes exude street style but still allow you to be yourself in them, as everyone that wears these outfits and shoes will stand out for different reasons. In simpler words, it’s a cool range that accentuates what’s coolest about you.

- Digital Editor


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