A Spotlight On Sarah & Sandeep’s Backstage Prudence At Dior’s Show In India

Sarah & Sandeep

A luxury designer brand known for a modern bespoke experience in the Indian fashion industry – that’s Sarah & Sandeep for you. Revered for pieces that are a harmonious blend of precision laced tailoring, refined geometric details, and minimalist sensibility, they serve an exclusive clientele of sartorialists who appreciate the importance of the bespoke process, including a variety of influential figures from Bollywood and the international sports sector.

Sarah & Sandeep was tasked with the incredible opportunity to handle the fittings for VIP clients and models for Dior’s Mumbai presentation, which was held on March 31, 2023, in front of the historic Gateway of India. They brand successfully comprehended and executed the standard of excellence demanded from a designer on a worldwide scale, all thanks to their know-how of bespoke craftsmanship in the couture market. The duo toiled hard and collaborated closely on that project for a full month with very talented artisans from all over the nation who made it successful for everyone.


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The programme further explained how Indian tailoring has finally come to be recognised for its excellent standards and helped etch India’s position on the map of the world’s luxury markets. Working together with a well-known brand like Christian Dior would have seemed like a distant dream for the brand ten years ago. But this synergy of creative geniuses was a unique experience that will go down in history books forever.

Spotlight on the entire atelier team, which included Irfan, Kadeer, Shahid, Sajid, Abdul, Jamal, Zeeshan, Akbar, Imran, Mahasin, and Jayraj, who contributed to the success of this historical performance.

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