5 Ways You Can Do Your Bit To Save Earth If You Don’t Have Time But Can Lend Financial Support

Earth Day

My love for nature comes from my parents, who are more loving and parent-like towards the plants in our house than me, honestly. Trips with my family often involve detours into forests and foliage where everyone everyone really soaks up the nature for a couple of hours before rising in panic about not knowing how to get back to civilisation. So nurturing and protecting the earth and its ecosystem are ideas that have been inbuilt in me from the very beginning. As a kid, I would volunteer with my friends for activities such as planting a sapling or cleaning the beach. Even simple acts such as replacing plastic with alternatives or repurposing waste items as opposed to discarding them are a few things we’ve been mindful of, whether it is World Earth Day or not! While I continue to take these steps consciously, we still have a long way to go.

With work, meetings and now a social life, the amount of work I can do for the environment has taken a backseat because struggling with managing time and I don’t get much time to contribute to saving my planet. Recently though, I watched Netflix’s latest show Our Great National Parks narrated and hosted by Barack Obama. From hard truths about climate change to facts about poaching and habitat destruction to personal anecdotes, the show shed light on how much damage has been done to the beauty of our planet. 

“It’s been said that we’re the first generation to feel the impact of global warming, and the last that can do something about it. Our parks, like the rest of the planet, are now threatened by extreme weather, escalating pollution, biodiversity, and habitat loss. Some of it is a result of the choices we all make in our daily lives. We risk our own well-being and that of future generations. But we’re not powerless. We can turn things around — if we act now,” Obama states.⁠ His words spark interest and fuel our motivation to act.

Earth Day

With hectic work weeks and busy schedules, not everyone has the time to physically go and get involved with NGOs. But who said being there 24×7 is the only way to make a difference? Today, there are multiple organisations fighting to save the planet by making it accessible to you through online donations and other services. Here are 5 Indian and international environmental-friendly organisations and campaigns you can contribute to from the comfort of your home (not just ’cause it’s Earth Day but on any other day).

1. Adopt A Coral Through Coral Gardeners

When it comes to protecting the ocean’s health, corals have a huge role to play. They protect the coastline from storms and erosion, are a source of food for fish in the sea and also provide jobs for local communities. However, many corals are going through change in colours and turning white, courtesy of climate change. There are many organisations dedicated to saving coral reefs and one such initiative is the one by Coral Gardeners. And the best part is that you can get actively involved in planting a coral just by a click of a button. You can donate some money and plant a coral of your choice, adopt it and give it a name. Coral Gardeners will send you the adoption certificate along with updates on the coral’s growth and journey. So this way, you restore corals and do your bit to help protect coastlines.

2. Plant/Adopt A Tree Through Reforest Or WWF India 

With industrialisation and globalisation, deforestation is inevitable. But this is only causing an imbalance in our ecosystem, which is concerning and requires us all to pull our socks up if we want a planet worth living on. If you wish to plant a tree but don’t have the space to, you can donate to organisations and have them do it for you. For instance, at Reforest India, you can plant a sapling in honour of someone’s birthday or any other special occasion, or just plant one because you intend to. Through WWF India’s #AdoptATree campaign, a volunteer from the organisation can plant a tree on your behalf and you can adopt it after donating INR 200. You will receive plantation pictures in the reports they send out after planting saplings including regular updates from plantation sites. 

3. Sign A Petition For Better Quality Air Via Greenpeace India 

The majority of the population in India is breathing polluted air. Scientists have made it clear that India’s current air pollutant levels are unsafe. There is “no safe level” of exposure to pollution–a cause of concern and a health hazard for sure! Although the government has announced the National Clean Air Programme, it needs to be strengthened and implemented in a timely manner. Here’s where you can help–sign a petition online to demand immediate action from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to revise India’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards. And don’t stop there. Share it with your friends and family and encourage them to get on board with the plan. 

4. Recycle Plastic With Paperman

Using plastic bottles? The best thing to do is get it recycled. Otherwise, it will end up in oceans or landfills, and contribute to the existing plastic pollution. And Paperman helps you accelerate the recycling process from home itself. The team has a mobile app that offers on-demand doorstep recycling. Through this service, you are directly connected with a local ragman to sell your waste. Their Circular Economy Model not only helps people recycle but also distributes the money generated from it towards non-profits—Paperman has partnered with local NGOs for this. Now that’s a win-win for everyone and our planet.

Earth Day
Image via: Paperman

5. Adopt An Animal At Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Last year, SGNP announced that wildlife lovers can adopt an animal such as a lion, tiger, leopard, rusty-spotted cat, blue bull, barking deer and spotted deer for up to one year upon paying a fee. The money is used for the upkeep of the animals and the adopters would get a chance to visit the animals once a week without any charge. Through this scheme, the country’s rescue centres and zoological parks get financial aid and it also creates awareness among the public about the conservation of captive animals.

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