Saving Lives, Finding Love: Why Adopting a Pet is the Best Decision


In the fast-paced urban jungles we inhabit, it’s easy to overlook the needs of animals that coexist alongside us. Yet, these animals, especially our beloved pets, possess an extraordinary capacity for adoration and devotion. They bring immense joy and happiness to our lives, forming bonds that are truly priceless.

Animals without a designated caretaker or a home often struggle to survive on their own. Their lives are filled with hardships as they lack shelter and regular sustenance. It is important to question our motives for wanting a pet in the first place. Do we seek camaraderie, love, and a furry friend to come home to? If yes, then these Indie dogs and cats can provide just that.

Choosing to adopt a stray or rescued animal is not only an act of compassion but also a practical decision. These animals are born and raised in the local climate and are accustomed to the weather conditions. Consequently, they require less medical care and fewer visits to the vet. By providing a loving home or temporary foster care, we significantly improve their chances of survival and enhance their overall quality of life.

It is also imperative to ensure that you and your household are ready for the responsibility before you bring a pet home. Adopting a pet means committing to their presence, providing affection, and reciprocating their kind-heartedness. Also, it is critical that your schedule allows for quality time with your furry companion and that they won’t be left alone for extended periods.

In a humble attempt, Bisleri Vedica has launched its #AdoptDon’tShop campaign to weave a narrative around the joys of adopting an Indie pet. The initiative is an attempt to promote adoption and support the Indie breeds by giving them their forever homes. Through the campaign, Bisleri Vedica has funded cat sterilization program for Indie cats and animal emergency services in the dense metros of New Delhi and Mumbai. It encourages the citizens of the country to adopt more pets.

Ms. Jayanti Chauhan, Vice Chairperson, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd, further elaborates on the campaign, “Bisleri Vedica stands on the core philosophy of kindness and care. Through #AdoptDontShop, we aim to connect with the audience to expand on the narrative of loving all animals. Adopting a pet comes from a place of pure love and kindness, especially when you pick one from the street or shelter home. This cause is extremely close to me as I have been adopting pets since childhood. Through this campaign, we hope to motivate our audience to adopt pets and not purchase them.”


Choosing to adopt a stray or rescued animal is an act of kindness that benefits both the adopter and the pet. By providing a benevolent home, we give these animals a chance to live a better life. Moreover, adopting rather than shopping for pets aligns with our desire for companionship and love. Let us embrace the concept of responsible adoption, teaching future generations the importance of treating animals kindly. Together, we can create a world where every animal finds a home that is nurtured with care and warmth.

Adopting is indeed the kindest and smartest choice for all!

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